Its Friday evening after school and 16-year-old Tynisha stood in her bay window cringing in fear. She had just experienced the worst thing in life that could have ever happened to her. While talking to some friends outside her home one of them asked for some water before she could get it and return he made his way into her mom’s home and raped her right on the living room couch. It had been a few hours since it happened and she had showered four times. She wasn’t sure of what to do or how or if she was going to tell her parents. Her mother was still at work and her father was out of town. She paced the floor of her bedroom back and forth biting her nails. She just couldn’t believe that this has happened to her. Then it was someone she knew, someone she liked as a friend-who she went to school with.


Catherine arrives home and is bringing some groceries. She calls up to Tynisha but doesn’t get an answer. “Lawd that damn child of mine, I know she hears me calling her.” Stated Tynisha’s mother. She continued to bring the bags in and placed them in the kitchen, grabbed her brief case and purse and locks her car and heads inside. She places her things down and goes upstairs to find Tynisha stretched across the bed with a bottle of pills next to her. “(screaming) Tyyyyy WHAT HAVE YOU DONE LORD LORD LORD LORD!!!!!” she grabs her cell phone out of her pocket and calls 911 and upon their arrival she directs them upstairs while she is trying to reach her husband but she kept getting his voicemail.

“Excuse me Ms. are you riding with us to the hospital we have to get going her pulse is very weak.” Asked the EMT, “No No, I’m going to follow you in my car.” Retorted Catherine. The ambulance pulled off out of the circular drive way and headed down to the ER of the nearby hospital. Tynisha and her family lived in a small town in Louisiana called Raceland. The ambulance got her to the hospital in less than ten minutes and her mother was there waiting for she took a different route and got there before than them. Standing there with her hands in prayer formation watching them roll her daughter into the ER all she could do is pray and try to think of a reason as to why she would do this.

Tynisha was an only child but she had a host of cousins and friends that she grew up around she was very popular in her community for she was the chunky girl with the Chinese eyes as everyone called her. Her eyes were this way due to an autoimmune disease she has called Myasthenia Gravis. This illness causes weakness in the voluntary muscles and it affected Tynisha the most in her eyelids causing her to look someone Chinese/Asia. She has received a lot of slack from some of the kids due to this but as far as her mother and father knew she was dealing with it.

S. Butterfly

Published by Life of a Unique Woman