Hi Lovelies,

   So I've heard about the SNS nail system for quite some time, but didn't have a salon near me that did them. While out running errands one day, I seen that my salon now does them. So I decided to make an appointment to get my nails done using the SNS. I pay $40 for a full set (this includes the nail tip and just the colored powder). 

 Below is a run down of the system: 

  *Info is from their site.*


  1. It is a dipping system.
  2. Is natural and healthy to your natural nails.
  3. It comes in 400 different colors!
  4. Has no odor, no liquid, no primer, & no UV light.- this is great! 
  5. They are thinner & lightweight.
  6. They help nails grow out healthier & stronger!
  7. It has five different vitamins and calcium.

​   This is just some of the info; you can find out more about the benefits and process. And locate a salon near you on their site.

  I do find that it is a faster and easier process compared to gel and regular acrylic nails. I did decide to try the system because I did find out that I'm allergic to the liquid used in gels and acrylics. In my experience they are thinner without the feeling that they're going to break. They also don't feel heavy on my natural nails, I even forget I have nails on! As for the removal process my nails are not paper thin and aren't raggedy looking at all!


**This is NOT sponsered. All opinions & thoughts are my own.


                                 -Amber Renee 💕

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