Hey guys! How are you all doing?

Well it is Two in the morning here in the UK and I can’t sleep like normal, its the 1st of September so soon autumn will be here and I can go out and get a lot of beautiful landscape photographs which I am so happy about!

I will also love the fact that you can wear hoodies, jeans and boots without people looking at you like your mad haha. My favorite holiday will be here in a month as well, I love Halloween! its when my inner goth can buy stuff that I don’t actually need but I want haha.

But it is also a time where the world gets so colorful with the leafs of tress changing and the colour of the sky gets so orange and red, its also a time to buy lots of candles that smell of pumpkins, and candy floss and not forgetting, the end of October when all the shops go crazy for Christmas (my second favorite holiday!).

I am actually burning a candle while I type this out its called Wild Berry and smells wonderful! its from my local Asda and my Mum bought it for me along with other smelling candles🙂, I love the smell and the color of it too! It is a deep red colour🙂.

I am planing a huge shopping trip with my Mum to get more autumn/winter cloths and accessories as most of my stuff is spring and summer, so I need new stuff but I am also planing on getting things to redecorate my room, just things like a new duvet cover set, pillows and throws, and maybe a new desk chair but I’m not to sure on the chair yet as my desk is next to my bed and I can sit on it and type away on my PC keyboard, however I am currently on my laptop, was watching a lot of youtube videos before you know the ones that most people watch if the can’t sleep at night, crafts videos, music videos, whats in my bag videos and the odd makeup/hair tutorials.

Talking about rooms I need to clean mine up a bit, well my moon chair any way it has so many cushions on it and accessories from my playstation I think my dog is jealous that she has to lay on the bed instead of the chair. (as soon as I put the chair up she claimed it as her new bed :P)

This was a very long ramble hehe, anyway I think I should be going now and try and get some sleep so I shall bid you all a very good night or good morning!

Whatever the time maybe when you are reading this I hope you have a fantastic day or you day has been fantastic and just remember that as long as you put a lot of effort into the things you are doing your hard work will always pay off in the end!

Live Long And Prosper _\\//

(Massive geek alert hehe)

(Also featured image is one of my photographs, if you wanted to know)

(Also here is a picture of my candle, if you wanted to know what it looked like)



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