It has taken many years, but few things really bother me any more, except…

I love what I do, and I do it well, and I am busy most of the time, and that requires talking and networking.  Well, much of the information that has been flowing to me over the past few weeks was that i need to retreat…and, yes, I knew that I needed thinking and planning time for many different specters of my business, but I kept putting it off, until the Universe took over yesterday and shut me down!

And I mean shut me down.  As I write, I have a major upper respiratory issue involving a minor sore throat but a total loss of my voice.  Made one phone call, and I felt like I was drowning in mucous and my voice is GONE!  Message received.  I have cancelled several commitments and will work as long as my stamina holds up to catch up and then move on to “retreat”.  

And I am drinking water by the gallons with lemon, taking anti mucous supplements, and more.  It will take time, and I am letting it go…it is what it is.  Forced retreat is interesting, and I need it.  But it is an indication that my life is shifting…and I am ready.  It is more authentic than I have ever been.

Quiet is good, no matter how we receive it

Published by Janice Marie