Why do we the younger generation feel the need to take from the older generation. Our grandparents and our parents, those same souls whom worked so hard for what they have in there ladder years; left to suffer the wages due to greedy kids. Don’t we as well want to be free as they should? Shouldn’t we work just as hard as or even harder than they did?

Why bring our burdens unto our fleshly parents, instead of giving it to the hands of the almighty Creator. Do we not have faith in what he has already done, or will do for us?

If you are reading this, then I encourage you to break this chain of youth (25-60years old) taking money from their Elders (60/80+ years old). They should be in peace, in a safe place living, rejoicing until it’s their time to go to leave this earth.

 Keep in mind, that you too, want to be in there shoes one day. How would you feel? Let’s break the chain, and build towards financial freedom. I wish you all the best of luck! I myself am working towards the same goal. I plan to one day take care of my Parents; finance wise! And no, I am not saying that every child is like this, because that is false. But some are, and this is for that “Some”.

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews