Leaving the bar, a thought of him enters her mind as she looked on waiting hoping to catch a taxi, in her current state of intoxication driving is far from her reach. A moment with him would sober the drunkest fool.
Missing him, only he could take her body to a pleasure zone unlike any man. If only thoughts, desires and wishes could bring him to her.

She walked towards her car to shelter herself from the rain.  She passes an alleyway, looking down, it's dark. Thinking of him and her in that alley, the thought set her imagination into motion.  She would be on fire, his touch rough and she likes it that way. His firm grip, not hurting her but letting her know he wants her too.
Oh, she wished he was there to fulfill this fantasy of him taking her into this dark alley, doing things to her he has done so often, leaving her yearning for more. He's there, but only in her thoughts.


Opening her car door, someone grabbed her from behind, pushing her up against her car. At first she felt the fear of whom, or why would someone do such a thing. Trying not to let fear get the best of her. Trying to get her thoughts and senses together. Just then, in a moment of taking a deep breath, She inhaled the smell an odor of cologne, his cologne. It was him!
He whispered in her ear how sexy she looked with the rain falling on her.


Immediately she was aroused by his whisper, not even what he said, but that it was him saying it.


He pressed himself firmly against her backside.
Kissing her neck, while whispering things he would do to her.
She was almost gasping for air, he always left her breathless.
Just then he turned her around grabbing her rear end with his hands, and said, (are you ready to live it?) He was the only man she ever confided in to tell of her fantasy of sex in outside alley. With him she had no fear, no shame. Careless of the world and thoughts of others. Taking her by the hand and led her into the alley. She didn't care if anyone saw, heard or decided to watch them. With him it was always in the moment and nothing else mattered. He pushed her against the cold wall, slowly started to kiss her neck just slightly brushing his lips across it, oh he drove her insane.


Slowly working his hands up her thighs. Juices dripping down, arousing him. Slowly running his hands down her blouse. Then firmly ripped it open, dove lips first into her breast. Her hands reaching for his pants. His hands placed in hers, both touching her body. She brought her hands to his zipper. Pulled down the zipper reaching inside his pants to feel him. On her knees she went, tasting him. Nothing tasted so good as the flavor of him roar in her mouth. Caressing his groan with her lips, enjoying every inch of him.


He pulled her up and went to his knees. She could not take him being there. Only he could get her so moist and out of control. He licked, sucked and enjoyed the taste of her. As he stood up she took him in her hands. Slowly put him inside her, letting out a sigh of joy, ecstasy and true undressed fulfillment. He moved himself slowly, in and out feeling her melt on him. Playing with her, teasing her to point she said almost screaming, (just put it inside) while whimpering his name.


He turned her around, bent her over as he rushed himself inside her.
Stroking her getting harder and harder about to explode. Pulling herself away from him, dropped to her knees again grabbing him, putting him in her mouth, sucking him with the greatest passion.


Biting him, jerking him, her mouth was enjoying his taste. Feeling that vein pulsating ready to bust. In that moment bringing out all his stress, emotion and lust in one shot as she guided him to explode in her mouth, on her breast, her face. He pulled up his pants, took her by her hanging blouse, led her towards her car. Took her waist side in his hands and placed her on the hood of her car. At that moment the rain now pouring down. The freezing rain landing on her nipples, making it that much more intense. He laid her on top of the car caressing her body, him now between her legs doing what he does best. Bringing her to orgasm like know other human could ever do better then him.


He continued to lick, suck and satisfy her. He just got her to the point she would do anything to have him there. Moaning, whimpering, telling him to take it, oh yes take it, screaming his name not a caring who could hear her. As she poured out all over his face, he pulled her off the car. He could not help but want to be inside her again. Satisfying her only made him more aroused. Pleasuring each other was the gasoline in the fire between them.  Oh the feeling the pleasure, the pain she would feel from the aching of her body yearning for him again and again.

Published by Josephine Conde