If you want to achieve big lush lips with a lip plumper glamour babes, than Soap & Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump XXL Lip gloss ($14) In Clearvoyance would not be my first pick for you.

I know I don't need my lips any fuller than they already are, but I was curious to see if plumper glosses really work, and Soap & Glory's happened to be staring right at me, so why not try it?! I wish I had not tried it.

Clearvoyance has a high clear glassy shine that carries a dash of shimmer inside the gloss. Yes, the clear gloss looks very pretty on creating a lovely soft, pillowy pout. But there is one thing standing in the way when using this plumper, the heat! And not just a little heat.

The Pillow Plump XXL formulation has a natural flower oil infusion and a 3XL peptide plump complex, components of which have been shown in in-vitro (not sure how I feel about that) tests to help give an auto plump built-in cushioning effect. And, it is most likely you'll notice a bit of a buzz (knackered is more like it, lol).

"A bit of a buzz" is putting it nicely, and I can't blame Soap & Glory at all for putting it nicely. No one would ever buy this if they explained it in such a truthful manner, like so; You're likely to experience a holy s**t my lips are burning sensation! Which was the reaction I had, but not right away, smh.

At first, I got the heavenly intoxicating scent of chocolate orange as I applied the glassy gloss across my lips. A few seconds into the wear I started to feel a slight tingling sensation, nothing too bad, and I noticed that my lips began looking a bit more plump. Okay, this is good. A nice, light, comfortable gloss producing some oomph, cool beans, I like where this is going! I spoke too soon, a minute goes by, and I can feel the heat spreading and intensifying. Oh dear god, someone call the fire brigade, hose my lips with water, and get this gloss off of me!!!! No lie, I couldn't get this Pillow Plumper off fast enough.

This literally stung the crap out of my lips, and my hand as I as swatching it, ouch! Geez, what's really in this plumper anyway?! Pepper Spray?! The taste was horrible too, for something that smelled so sweet, how could it taste like pure rubbing alcohol?! I don't even know how it creeped inside my mouth, I put very little on. Yuck, so gross!

Such a disappointment for a lip plumper because it actually does work. If you can stand the pain of a 1,000 bee stings, more power to ya. My lips were way too sensitive for this plumper. Back to Ulta you go you too Sexy for me Mother Pucker!

Stay beautiful! Xo.

Published by Samantha Malin