Hello Green beauties!  I want to start  my very first 2017 post with something concerning hair care. As you know  I 'm going nuts for natural & organic (possibly DIY) hair-care products and treatments and I'm always on the hunt for new  thing tho ensure happy locks. In this post, no jokes, I want to talk about nuts and hair-care. I mean Soap-nut shampoo

This is not something new to me I approached this method last year as a collateral of my Ayrvedic herb infatuation (learn more here). In fact, Soap-nuts (or berries, as they are sometime called) are a.k.a  Sapindus Mukorossi, which are widely used in Ayurvedic hair treatments with the name Aritha (see also  Areetha or Reetha).

What are soap nuts?!

As the name suggest, Soap-nuts are fruits form a tree called Sapindus Mukorossi, the shells are  incredibly rich in saponins (which are natural detergents) that make this nuts a wonderful 100% natural alternative to chemical-commercial laundry detergent.  Sapindus nuts can also be use as  general detergent for house cleaning and for personal hygiene. Soap Nuts are so bland, yet effective, suitable even for allergy prone skin plus they are environment friendly. They are ideal even as hair detergent. Not joking, you can definitely use just nuts to clean your whole household and your family form tip to toe.

How to make Soap-nut shampoo

producing your own soap nut detergent is the easiest thing in the world. Take a  handful of soap nuts and let them boil in water (1 Lt) for 10-15 minutes, you will see some foam appearing on the top. Drain the liquid and there you have your bottle of natural all purpose detergent.

I like to add some drops of Lemon and Lavender essential oil to give my hair an extra shine and a good smell. You can also add some actives like hydrating actives, pantheonol, keratin to give your shampoo an extra boost.

Soak your lock with this liquid and gently massage. Repeat one more time and then rinse well. Then you can apply your conditioner or hair mask, blow-dry and style as usual.


Soap Nuts and Hair-care

Soap-nuts shampoo is definitely something you want to use on your hair since it is very mild detergent but it ensure squeaky clean hair. When I use soap nuts I can have one extra "clean hair" day and a lot of shine and volume. Soap nuts can be listen on the No-poo regiment since there no sufate or hash detergent involved and it works a lot better (in my opinion) than baking soda methods because they do not alter your scalp ph.

Plus, Soap-nuts, delivers a lot benefits to the hair and scalp. This washing method can be useful  to help get rid of dandruff and  other scalp issues, furthermore it improves hair growth and leaves your hair super shiny and (I can tell to my personal experience) super voluminous.

Pros & cons


  • amazing hair benefits
  • utterly natural and eco-friendly
  • cheep and easy to find in stores


  • I found that making your soap-nut shampoo takes some time in the preparation
  • not travel friendly unless you brig with you soap-nuts and and all the instruments to boil your shells.
  • Soap-nut shampoo did not produce lots of foam
  • Soap-nuts are slightly irritating for the eye just like any other soap or detergent

I love to alternate my regular shampoos to Soap-nut method, my hair seems to love and they remain clean and vaporous  for days. I will definitely stay stick to Soap-nuts

Have you ever tried soap-nut shampoo?


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