This weekend I was trying to get my Twitter and Instagram following up and I thought to myself how different fashion blogging is with the rise of social media.  When blogs first began, it was mostly about writing, some photography, and making links available so people can locate your look and buy it themselves.  With the popularity of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., it adds a whole other dimension.  

There are people posting their outfits daily and people can decide to follow you or not just based on a couple of pictures.  At the same time, it has made fashion so much more accessible for the masses.  When I was younger, I had no idea what was trendy or where to even buy clothes in my size.  It was all trial and error.  Now teenagers can order outfits online via their favorite Youtubers or Instagram stars.  

I know sometimes we think people are addicted to technology, but it really has opened a whole new world.  You can see what is trendy across the globe with the click of a button rather than reading about it months later in a fashion magazine.  Even though there are always people that will make mean comments to bring you down, I've found it refreshing that so many people are supportive.  I can't even count the number of people who via social media have been encouraging about me writing about plus size fashion.  I was prepared to get some haters, but really haven't run into that issue yet.  Earlier today, someone in Nigeria shared a photo of my on Instagram and I took it as a huge compliment.  That person is striving to promote positivity for fuller figured women and I'm so happy to play a small part in that.


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