Being a digital marketer, most of you already agree with the fact that social media plays an incomparable role in promoting your business to the next level. Starting from social media marketing for your product to solving your customers’ queries and binding them with your brand, social media is used in versatile ways.

The worlds best marketing agency always considers Social media as an integral part of their marketing planning. But many of the marketing agencies skip common social media pitfalls that actually drain their entire marketing campaign, resulting in negative ROI.

So, what are the common pitfalls that you should never retain in your marketing campaign? Let’s find out.

Complete Dependency on Automation:
When you have a team of experts, there is no need to automate the entire marketing campaign. Regarding social media, where you need to examine what your customers need and at what time, you need to do the same with your products/services. Scheduling entire posts, videos, etc. is worthless until you find what binds your customer and at what extent.

Flood of Hashtags:
Since the evolution of hashtags, people have misinterpreted its use. The Hashtags are more used to share your message that includes some eye-catching point. But nowadays, some newbie use a flood of hashtags that ruin their post or video and hence results in the negligible output. You should first know that’s the trend and introduce the same to your social media campaign. Even if you make your hashtag popular, it’s essential to create a separate strategy for the same.

No Customer Service Planning:
When you are offering services or products for your customers, they even require assistance or consultation from your end. But most of the social media marketers skip this part and focus only on promoting their products. Along with your promotional strategy, you should also have a plan to serve the queries of your customers. This not only builds the trust of your customers but also increases the potential of your promotional campaign.

No Data Visualisation:
This is the biggest pitfall that delivers zero output at the end. It's important to visualize the data of your ongoing social media campaign to create a more effective campaign. The data hence derived from your previous campaign plays a vital role in build a new strategy. Working blindfolded never delivers you positive results. Instead, you will continue getting disappointing results at the end.

For a digital marketing firm, the points mentioned above are very crucial to get 100% results from your marketing campaign. And when it comes to Social media, you should try to explore more into this niche and examine your pitfalls apart from the points given above.

This will help you build a more effective strategy that will not only grow your business but also build trust between your customers and your brand. Advisight is one of the leading digital marketing service providers with a team of Social media professionals, who deep dive into your requirements and extract the most effective Social media strategy.

Published by Mudassar Ali