I’m laughing a bit. The title is so dramatic isn’t it? Hmmmmm Socialism. This form of government has been renamed and resubmitted to mankind from the beginning of time. Socialism, where men and women in power distribute power and money, given to them by the people that are subject to their power, according to their will-their will being what their opinion of “fair” is. Do you know any one person that trustworthy to give the money you earn to or your free will to? Just checking.

What I’m more concerned about is the emotional effect on all sides of this kind of thinking. First what kinds of people are bringing this option in society up?  Some people throwing this option around are the poverty stricken who are angry about their poverty, the poverty stricken who are envious of those with more than what they have, those without who are jealous and feel that they are entitled to what others have because of perceived wrongdoings from hundreds of years ago (racially, religiously, regionally, etc), whose who see wealth as wickedness, those who have chosen to lose trust in human kind, those who have allowed themselves to feel shame because they have some form of comfort that others don’t, those wealthy who feel guilty because of their wealth, the new money wealthy who struggle with the shame of having money when they were on the other side jealous of those with wealth, even those who are the intellectuals who in their theories and lectures realize that even though they have answers, they don’t have wealth and they are jealously seeking for “fairness” and what about those who are in political office and are building wealth as they “serve” and see that they want to protect their “investments” and crony relationships as they amass wealth and cry “fairness” as their platforms.

With any of those involved in asking for and giving into this socialistic mentality there are some common unresolved emotions:envy, jealousy, pride, anger, fear of losing power, fear of having to work, lack of feeling worthy of abundance, hate, need to have control, arrogance, pain,  lack of feeling worthy of positive results, detachment, disconnect, feeling powerless in achieve one’s own success, feeling unworthy of positive results and frustration.
These emotions are real. They come from adopting layers and layers of false beliefs over time and even generation to generation that come from what influential people in their lives have taught them. These influential people are, most of the time, family members. But they also include teachers, professors, church teachers, and neighbors. With these kinds of emotions, one usually finds that these teachings were done in some form of shame.

Shaming is so common, we don’t even blink an eye when we hear it. We hear shaming in videos, movies, TV shows (starting at the preschool levels), in our churches, schools and colleges.  It’s what late night shows are made of. Think about that alone. You are going to bed with shaming being the programming for your mind as you fall asleep. That can’t be healthy! It’s like eating junk food for an hour before bed and expecting to wakEmotions Hurt People, Hurt People.e up ready to run 5 miles in the morning and have a great recovery afterwards. You are programming your unconscious responses to YOUR life situations based on the things and people you expose your mind to! These people are not smarter than you are. And if you think they are, you are giving them more credit than they deserve.

You are a brilliant human being with purpose and favor in God’s eyes. No matter what you believed before you started reading this, you are a loving human being who is worthy of love. I didn’t say entitled to love-or anything. I said you are worthy of love. You are even deserving of love, just not entitled. The second you are comfortable with entitlement, you should diagnose yourself as emotionally ill.

Socialism: the emotionally ill’s version of government. Where people who are power hungry, afraid of losing power, afraid of not having enough wealth for themselves, afraid of working real jobs, and willing to sacrifice their fellow human family for their fears are given power by those who feel unworthy of power, abundance, and love. Those who support leaders in socialism are ill with anger for real and perceived wrong doings and are unwilling to give those toxic emotions to a higher power like their God or the Universe in order to get healthy. Those who support this kind of power are arrogantly thinking that they know what’s best for everyone else-which arrogance comes from emotions of distrust and pride. Those who philosophically like this idea and have the emotion of arrogance have the mindset that they are smarter and more educated than human kind. Those who support this kind of power have so much distrust and hate for the past that they refuse to be happy and peaceful in their current, present moment. Those who seek for this power prey on every one of these emotionally ill people and feed their philosophies and illnesses to their followers like feeding drugs to a drug addict. Socialism-the emotionally ill’s way of giving up and giving in.

Until those who support this idea of a government get healthy, live in the present with real peace and trust and let go of their addictions to anger, hate, jealousy, and other toxic emotions that block personal strengths, we’ll continue to breed those in power who’s addiction to fear, scarcity, power and money will grow. We choose our freedoms and we choose our bondage. We are in complete control of the future we experience.

WHEW!!! That’s a lot to put out there!! The great news is that positive emotions are actually stronger than negative emotions. So let’s get the positive emotions built up and growing, shall we?

Now what feelings come up for you as you read this? Want to work through one of these Emotions Change Feelings for Healingemotions or a couple? Want to take a step in letting go of what gets in the way of your emotional (and physical) health?  Want to feel even a little more loved and loving? Let’s try it.

Let’s say you felt embarrassed or ashamed. Neither of those are positive emotions. Its ok to feel them we just want to make sure we process them so that they don’t get stuck and create a negative cycle. Read this part first and then close your eyes and try it:

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in and breath out. Picture a very safe place just for you where YOU are safe. It can be in a field, beach, garden, church, top of a mountain, by a lake, the ideas are endless and yours is for you only. Enjoy how you feel there. Take another deep breath and then picture a box in front of you. Start taking your negative emotions and experiences and put them in the box. Take your feeling of embarrassment or shame and put them in there. Take your fear and anger and put them in there. Take your sorrow and pain and put them in there-and so on. When you are done seal your box up nice and tight however you would like to. Invite the person you truly trust the most. Because I believe in the Savior, Jesus Christ and His atonement, I ask Him to come. If you have other beliefs do accordingly. This is YOUR safe place where there is no judgement or shame. Ask this person to take your box from you. Thank them. Let them leave. You are now there in your safe place. Take in the emotions that come after that box leaves. Give yourself a little time to enjoy your beautiful spot then take a deep breath and breath out. Open your eyes. How do you feel? This form of self care is real. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of positive, strong, supportive emotions.

CompassionEmpathyForgivenessThe only reason we have room for the toxic and negative emotions we hold on to is because we make room and sometimes build a mansion for them. Unload the ugly, weakening emotions and make room for the loving supportive emotions that are there to raise you up and give you a life of abundance like you many never have realized was yours.

Affirmations: Even though I have been taught that anger is strength, I am joyful in putting that toxic emotion in my “giveaway” box. Even though I have had toxic emotions, I am feeling peaceful about letting go of them. Even though I am uncomfortable with changing from toxic emotions to healthy emotions, I trust the journey. I am loving. I am kind. I am successful. I am open to the feeling of abundance. I am worthy of love. I am worthy of kindness. I do kind things. I love others. I am excited to enjoy the healthy relationships in my life. I am excited to be healthy in my emotions.

Essential oils: Wintergreen, Wild Orange, Cypress, Balance Blend (grounding blend), Lime, Lemon, Peppermint, Forgive Blend (not just for forgiving others but more for yourself), Motivate, Peace, Citrus Bliss

These Essential oils help with releasing the negative and being open to positive. As you use these oils, if you feel negative emotions coming out, GOOD! Go to your visualization and celebrate the release of negatives because that gives more room for strong positives! And also reach for the Balance Blend for support. Having the right essential oil or oil blend is like getting your favorite bouquet of flowers or being in your favorite garden or on the best camp out ever. The aromatic compounds of your favorite plants are healing for your emotions. Enjoy!

Published by Sherrill Moody