Society is funny.! They want you to be yourself and yet they judge you.! Especially, when you are in love.! Love here is true love, where two people want to get married and be together forever. But then, they both being adults, are not able to decide this alone, as we have so called “SOCIETY”  to intervene. This blog talks about story of a girl and boy who are deeply in love and wish to get married, but society does not allow them to. The story goes as..

The story starts with girl and boy being childhood friends, the girl being a couple of years elder to the boy; but as kids that hardly mattered to anyone. Age comes in matter, when a person becomes marriage age. As both of them grew, they parted ways because of different schools and colleges. Social media made them friends again when both of them entered the professional world. After a few days of chatting, the boy told his feelings that he had for her since the beginning; gradually girl also started to like him and they were now in a relationship. Everything went well, till the time boy didn’t tell about her to his family. His family did not approve her, because of few silly reasons; which by now you all might be guessing. She was two years elder to him and from different caste. His family had more problems with her being elder to him, with statements like we and our “SOCIETY” does not accept it. Yet another time, another story, our big “SOCIETY” started to ruin. He failed every time he tried to convince his family but all this time love between girl and boy remained the same.

Now, it was the girl who took a step forward to tell her family, thinking they might support her and they would talk to his family. But sadly, again the same revert, different caste and younger to her. Both of them still struggling to convince their respective families, when suddenly, girl’s family starts to find perfect match for her. But, little did they know, for her “he” is the perfect match. With trying over for like infinity, they only got disappointment with a long lecture from family.

Eventually, being the only daughter to her family and a really pampered one, she did not want to go against the wishes of family. They both still wait for the approval while falling more and more in love with each other by each passing day.

Some one truly said: “There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.!” 

There is no happily ever after in every story, still we hope for it.

Published by Shweta Aggarwal