This video explains how I believe people are so caught up with which body type is the better one, they don't even realize neither is better than the other. We went from skinny is the hot and beautiful, to plus size is the new hot and beautiful to now Crossfit muscles are the new hot and beautiful. Your body does not determine your beauty people, stop allowing these trends and fads to make you think otherwise. Do not be the problem, be the solution.  Stop being that person stressing over which body type is more attractive; Monday I will be skinny, Tuesday I will be plus size and Wednesday I will be Crossfit Muscle and lean, stop debating why one is better than the other, stop following other people's thinking and think for yourself. We have too many people walking around with this belief that one is better than the other, one is more attractive, one means your healthy and the other means you are not, one means you workout and the others do not, one symbolizes eating disorder and the others do not.. we have continued to allow these thoughts to be the reason why we have body image issues in the first place, the reason why some of us obsess over our bodies, the reason why people strive for perfection at the gym, the reason why people starve themselves, the reason why people will belittle others.  Think about this, if we all had to be one body type, which would people choose?  Many, because NOT one body type represents us all. "If you allow someone to determine your beauty, then you haven't yet decided your worth". 


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Published by Shay-Lon Moss