It starts at a place,any place,you see someone you wouldn't mind plowing the sh@! out of ,in my case for example the neighborhood market. I can see a certain amount of sweets in her basket, tells me she knows they are bad for her but she doesn't care because they taste so good,or she has issues and loves to eat her self out of depression. No wedding ring but who am i kidding i can give a flying fu@#.As i walk up to her and compliment her on something that looks she took extra time on give my most adorable but fake smile and charisma, I'm thinking one thing that I'm gonna give her the fu%^ing of her life no mercy given.

I know weather shes intelligent or another dumb broad based on the short conversation she depicts what character i should play the smart guy, the nice guy, the frat boy, the bad boy,or a mix of several etc. I have spent my whole childhood/teen years in school playing characters to get me somewhere in life and acquire tittles like the most popular kid in school and or get my way with family , even though I do find the need to evolve my intelligence and skills ,once learned ,I can use them to manipulate. Evidently that's the name of the game Manipulation.So anyways I play the character that best fits her interests because i don't give a sh@t about her needs.I make her laugh and tell her that shes gonna go out with me with enough confidence but not too much that it'll make her feel pressured.

Too many times i have done this and it just seems like a second nature to me, I wish I can skip all the blah blah and have her naked already.I can't wait to have her submit to me, to all my fantasies and greatest sexual desires pulling hair,biting,slapping,choking,scratching,gagging etc, I'm like a kid in Toys R Us I just don't know what to do first. So after hanging out somewhere making her believe I am what shes been waiting for her entire life ,I have her .However, this ones special she told me she was a cops daughter and all I can think of are the tickets I have gotten over the years ,  I need a refund on my tickets and shes it. I think I'm gonna break this one. So i sleep with her many times over and make sure she's pleased and satisfied so she can come back for more, and every time I make the sex even more rougher and even more sweaty , I get us on videotape and show it to around. She's so blind now that I can have someones else's dried up vaginal juice and she still goes down on me before sleeping with me, I call that double dipping, hehehe I know you must be thinking wow this guy is a piece of sh@t or just straight up savage , I'm not trying to use anything or medical conditions as an excuse but that is who I am. I can't help it, experimenting to see what gives me a thrill something that makes me feel awake in any category weather its jumping off a plane or f@#$ing a cops daughter then exposing our videos on the internet.

Which reminds me I soon got bored of her and broke her heart,she cried so much and even had her dad call me, I told him the same thing I told her,that she didn't love me she just loved the idea of me.She would show up at my door early mornings and or nights even just to f@#k ,she'd try really hard to do different things and the things she thought I liked, it never worked, I do it to all women ,I pride myself in the women that are harder to conquer then the ones that aren't ,If shes too easy and I'm horny i'll do it back of the car style or cheap motel style, I also keep the ones that took me a while to get them in the sack or to fully submit longer before I cut all ties.I know I can never really be satisfied but I must try and keep on trying to see what it is in the end that really tickles my fancy.I know I exist,but i don't feel alive.

We are the best actors out there,We all have our different fetishes,We are willing to go out there and become anything or anyone to get what we want or closer to our goals, We will destroy relationships and sabbatoge friendships for the sake of of the mission.Temptation is our weapon, We sell the idea of happiness or comfort and most of all , We sell the idea of love. However , I do have a conscious but it just doesn't seem to care about peoples feelings because I myself don't really understand them. I guess I'll never know what love is because I don't love myself or anyone really, I look to fill gaps with adventure and affection or drugs the problem is, its all a huge gap. I don't know what I am or who I am but I wanna be superior to all others, I hate people specially this time in age where they are so flawed ,greedy and barbaric  . I'm a monster ,I cannot change.I don't know if I died along time ago or was never really born because I don't feel alive, I don't feel remorse for my actions and  I am ready to do it all again tomorrow.


Published by Junior Emilio Pensado