Couch potato to 5K

To get from couch potato to 5K will take time for your body to adjust especially if you haven't done any form of long distance running. Everyone can run however; it is advised to take care when doing so. The first step before you even attempt to do long distance running is that you walk the routes you think you can achieve. The best thing I did was to walk the routes I knew where easy to run as they were flatter as its more exhausting for the body to run uphill however; if there is a small hill that's fine. It's a good practise route. 

Walking will help slowly build the stamina up including creating the muscle needed for long distance running. It's always best that when you start to workout is to remember to stretch before and after. It is also advised to look at your diet and see what needs changing or adding to it this can also help with the improvement of a healthier you. 

Running can also help increase your brain activity as your having to think more and your oxygen levels are increased further. It will also improve the stamina levels including a better build up of muscles and your general health as it will help keep weight off also. But this doesn't mean you should run all day or exersize all as it can have a bad effect on the body and causing more harm than good. Over doing it will cause the muscle to create tears which can take longer to heal. 

You can also join running clubs if you find it hard to be self motivating and challenging yourself more. But if you plan to run on your own do not use noise cancelling headphones as it can make it more dangerous to cross roads. Always stop, look and listen when cross roads whether it's in the city or rural areas. You should never put your safety at risk even if you are exercising.  If you a running when the roads are wet and it is sunny it's also advised that you run in the direction opposite to the sun as you can avoid having your vision blurred by the light. It will also make it safer to cross roads as the sunlight on wet roads will cause it to glare. 

Published by The silver fox