This outfit represents that feminine side of every girl and women. Don’t get confused with this confusing sentence, I believe that every person has two sides, like good & bad, yin & yang and female and male. That’s why we can’t imagine life without the opposites. Even the stars can’t shine without darkness.

I should be studying right now, but that’s the time when inspiration usually hits me and force me to do something – let’s say it’s not a priority.  You know, it’s not really an inspiration it’s a curse. I get nervous really quickly and tend to do anything at all to avoid my obligations.



So, back to this outfit! This is another vintage dress, from my mother. I have been watching lately (this whole year) Audrey Hepburn’s movies, by the way she is an icon, and I grew certain affection to the old clothes and fashion. I love the way this dress fits me, it’s so “lady like” and gentle. Even though I like it I don’t like certain parts. The sleeves are annoying to me because they are so wide, but it wouldn’t be so pretty if they weren’t.



At the end of sleeves you have the most amazing lace. It’s soft, it’s see through and has a pattern like little branches with little pink leaves. Also, lace from the chest area is the same as the lace on sleeves, but it’s a bit different because the line between two materials is decorated with waves. So cute, right?



Photography by Bojana Krejić

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With love, BS


Published by Borka Šaula