Solace brought me feathers

When it was wings I wanted most

Desirous of the lady bird

Sitting on the shelf


She said; why look at me that way

Turning head to right

Quizzical, in wonderment

Bewildered, then she spoke;


I have no cause to be inside

My mind is elsewhere, to be fair

A place beyond my near surrounds

A place to find my voice


Away, youthful spirit, beset the tune

Be sonorous, resonate in tone

With harmony a distant cousin

Melodic be your choice


Like lady bird, melody brought a crowd

Behold wealth and happiness and love – a shroud

Painted veil lost but mantle found

Search, one will not learn


The bird’s wings, reflected, in the glass

Enamoured, in our hedonistic life

Share the solace in her eyes

Is it love for which we yearn?

Published by Owen Tilley