Where do you go when you need solitude?

What's solitude? It has been so long, I'm not sure I can remember.

I'm kidding (sort of). I usually have a few precious moments to myself every day. The long walk to the mailbox and back (unless one or both of my young daughters tag along). The time I spend in the garden after the girls decide they're done helping and become more interested in the nearby rock pile or riding their bicycles. A few minutes on the random days I can squeeze in a shower or a nap.

Someday, however, I hope to go to my "writer's retreat", a tiny house that will be built on the outskirts of our property, away from the house and the responsibilities of parenting. I dream about having a few hours each day where I can sit, think, and write without interruption. But first, we have to build it (and before that, my husband has to finish restoring our 1972 camper van.)

"Build it and they will come..." will not be referring to this tiny house. The girls know that they can help us build it but they aren't going to be allowed to visit once it is completed. "That's mama's tiny house." That's right! (Their training has begun early. Let's hope it sticks.)

In the meantime, I'll just keep taking pictures on my peaceful trips down the driveway. Eventually, I'd like to create a year-round slideshow to watch the seasons change while the surrounding crops are planted, grow tall, and are harvested.

Please share your solitude ideas in the comments.


Published by Phoebe DeCook