Solutions for The Empath (OsuMarassa)

There's a lot of information available about empaths and how to "manage" our lives.  There's also the tendency to group all empaths into one large bin. Some of these tools often make being an empath sounds like a disease or a health condition that needs fixing. Empaths are like the hibiscus flower. The very nature of the empath makes its ability to morph into limitless potentials part of its constant. No two empaths are ever the same. And an empath is never the same at any given point. He/she is always morphing.
Being an empath is NOT a disease or a health condition. It is NOT a problem that needs fixing, but a gift that needs to be applied. Wisdom, refinement and innerstanding are tools I have used to manifest new creations and ultimately a new world. And so can you!
While some see being an "empath" as something that needs a cure, I see this as far from the truth. While some empaths may have been traumatized to the point where they will need deep healing, many empaths are functional, healthy and simply need guidance to get out of a "binding space" - something they dislike with a passion.  Some empaths come from the ancient matriarchal bloodlines (Yemoya, Mami Wata, Auset, Ezili) and are in need of guidance to re-establish their self ruler-ship of their lineage.  Many of these traditions are demonized by mainstream society leaving some without a tradition or support for development.
If you feel called towards African Traditional Spirituality but don't quite fit the older traditions, OsuMarassa  Course may have a solution for you. You are here to help lead a new generation into new ways of emotional understanding from your unique spiritual knowing.  Regardless of your "race" or physical appearance, if you are feeling the desire to synchronize multiple traditions spiritual science while remaining grounded in ATR or African-based traditions this will resonate with you. If this rings a bell, your lineage may be matriarchal and deeply rooted in African traditions.
Many of you will have found it difficult to fit into one modality and feel a strong pull to create your own.  The OsuMarassa empaths are here to show us a new way of transforming our emotions and a new way to heal ourselves and others. OsuMarassa literally means those who manifest or create an early morning rainbow. Many of you are here to show a new way to the world.  While the literal definition sounds fantastical, it is. My work focuses on teaching the mystical foundations to help people like you get out of a rut into higher consciousness in order to deliver your gifts to this world.

The Key To Success is in the Letters

One of the keys to understanding the gift of the Empath as an OsuMarassa being is in the word or letters themselves. EM and PATH. EM, in this case, refers to em-otional and the formula or pathways one has to take to find inner/outer balance. EM, IN, EN has similar prefix meaning going within. Notice the direct Enneagram of EM is ME.

EM prefix is unique in that is only appears before the letters 'b' and 'p,' Both letters represent a high level of creativity and the need for many births (creations), but one letter goes up (b), and one goes down (p).
If this is still confusing, try focusing on the shape of the letter. "Emp" points downwards and refers to birthing your ideas into the physical realm. Empaths are here to create a new world or a new "galaxy." Compared to "emb" points upwards for example, embrace which has the opposing effect of sending spirits back into the inner worlds. Both "emp" and "emb" fall within the rulership of an empath giving them the ability to heal and the capacity to destroy or transform using Energy in Motion (emotions).
An empath is one that must go within for inner/outer balance as well as go within for manifestations.  But its much more than that. We have to learn to go in and out at will and without distress. We are the ME people who tend to focus on WE too much. The inversion of the "M" to "W" puts us out of balance. There are complimentary action and inaction that takes place. Without it we may feel abused, exhausted and put upon by the demands of this world.

You are an Energy and Emotional Genius

Empaths are the energy and emotional genius of our world with mastery of energy and emotions left unsupported will make them dangerous to themselves and others. Highly manipulative (in both good and bad sense), they maneuver the world like fish in water. They are able to get into and out of almost all situations seamlessly. They may fear their inner fire and don't know how to use it effectively. They don't like to struggle or be contained and will fight like hell when restrained emotionally, intellectually or physically. Their watery (or emotional nature) makes them volatile and highly unpredictable when heated or angered. Most of the time they are cool like a sleeping lake. Without guidance, they may find themselves on a steady destructive path where self-pity and self-degradation. The may self-punish for spiritual crimes they felt unable to control which is usually not a crime at all but the need for constant learning, movement and freedom. Learning to be merciful towards themselves is one of their key lessons in life.

Empath Fears and Assets

One of their primary fears of being controlled makes them adverse to external guidance. They are seeker but have no doubt about a divine creator or God. They are always connected with the Source.  OsuMarassa Empaths may fear that getting too much external influence will cause them to lose connection with who they truly are. They may not seek help even when stuck in a rut for months or even years.  When listening to their speech, you may hear the words "I know" often. This resistance to external influence is a gift or a form of spiritual protection that is now out of balance.  While they do know, many lack innerstanding on HOW to use this inner knowing.  And frankly, I can say from experience  that we do not know it all because true knowing is in a state of constant change.  But that's another post.
Highly intuitive, empaths can also mistake intuition with instinct which can lead to being lost in our own animal sub-primal ways of being. Empaths need to experience their knowledge for themselves by themselves and may only seek help when things are completely out of balance.
If you understand this article without too much struggle,  you are likely that 1% in the world who is a highly creative spiritual empath, the OsuMarrassa of this world.
If you fall in this "group," your fears are also your greatest assets. Your connection with the God Source makes you a renewable source of energy that others often seek out. You have a keen ability to dive deep into all matters. You are able to see things from multiple perspectives and can live in multiple realms at once. When left alone to manipulate information, your ability to create is unlike no other. For the OsuMarassa empath, worlds of possibilities are infinite.

A New Way In - A New Way Out

Learning to focus inwardly is key to reconnecting to your inner power. While many people feel deeply, you have a unique purpose to provide spiritual service in your community.  The OsuMarassa empath is a natural "Reiki" master and has the ability to draw in all energies for healing. We heal intuitively, often by drawing the pain or ailment into our own being for transformation. We can transform all energies that come within our inner sphere - eventually. But that form of healing is for the advance student and NOT recommended if you do not know how to purify and rebuild your own inner cells in the process.  
While all this may sound unimaginable to some of you now, it is within reach for many.  First you may need to identify which type of empath you are and in which realms your healing potential thrives.  If you  tend to get in your own way out of fear of loosing ourselves; there's a simple and quick way to reduce that fear.  
Empaths are "magical" like all other beings on this planet. You all have great potential. But each one must learn who and what you really are and begin to use yourself to create a world you want to live in.

Solution for OsuMarassa Empaths (9 weeks, 9 steps)

My OsuMarassa Consciousness Course is for the feminine empath who feels drawn to serve as a community healer/leader. The ones seeking to embrace her inner power using earth based tradition.  This 9 week course is an introduction for the "peaceful warrior" or middle pathway student. Each student gains knowledge and the time required to absorb and inwardly transform the knowledge into something they can use. Rooted in earth based traditions, we invite you to embrace our wisdom while being free to find and create your own UNIQUE path in this world.  
Our next course starts on Monday, January 9, 2017.  9 weeks and 9 steps to a more balanced you. Group size is 2-3 people per session. 
If interested, you can contact me for an interview at 708 888 0411 or register at
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