The most refreshing trend in the arena of social media marketing is Instagram stories. Instagram has shown a phenomenal growth and there are almost 250 million active users /day. Therefore, it is undoubtedly, the best platform for companies and people to share content online. Instagram Stories is an upgraded version of the disappearing pictures of Snapchat.

However, the main mantra remains the same. They would be vanishing after a day or within 24 hours. It is, therefore, quite natural for you to hope that your Instagram Story would be leaving an everlasting impression. Here are some amazing Instagram Stories apps for taking you to the next level.

Instagram Crop Perfectly with NoCrop

It is quite disappointing when Instagram chops off a major part of photos in landscape mode. There is every possibility that the awesome photo could get completely ruined. The perfect solution is to resize the photo with NoCrop.

It is an app that could be effectively resizing the photographs for fitting perfectly into the ‘Insta Mode’ and it is able to refresh effectively the timeline of the photo.

So that you could be making stories using photographs even if they are over 24 hours old. The good news is that NoCrop could be installed completely free from directly the Play Store.

Incorporate Music with InShot

Suppose you have taken a mind-blowing video shot of an enthralling landscape including blue rivers and green mountains but the saddest part is that you are not able to share such a mind-blowing shot simply because of a disgusting background noise. Under the circumstances, InShot would be the most suitable candidate to come to your aid.

InShot would be containing a selection of enchanting soundtracks that could really jazz up the video. You may completely eliminate the background noise. All you need to do is to just open the video then add the Music. Then you must lower the background noise and simply save it. This entire process would be taking just about a minute because the app interface seems to be simple and easy to handle.

Use Drool to Add the Chilled-Out Droolies

Drool is an incredibly wonderful app which could be doing wonders for your post on Instagram or your Instagram story without putting in any effort. The app is known to be loaded with filters called Droolies that are fundamentally a collection of striking graphics.

Droolies come in different categories including party symbols, work quotes, food, masks etc. The most stunning feature of this brilliant app is the location-oriented designer photo filters that are almost as good as the Snapchat’s Geofilters. Use services such as stormlikes to boost the number of followers on Instagram.

Use Hyperlapse for Speeding up Videos

The fact is that a picture can speak volumes. However, in Instagram, the time limit is only 15 seconds which is just not enough for conveying the entire picture. At this juncture, it proves to be immensely fruitful to speed up a picture. The fact remains that there is no other tool efficient enough to handle this issue apart from the Hyperlapse.

You have the option of recording videos on the go by utilizing this effective tool but it is advisable to shoot the video utilizing the native camera. You could then speed it up by effectively utilizing Hyperlapse. This is really convenient and easy to operate. You simply need to import the file. It would then on its own take care of everything else. It could be a time-consuming process but the outcomes are amazing and definitely Instagram-friendly.


Use any of the above-discussed ways of jazzing up your very own Instagram Stories. The apps discussed are immensely beneficial if your objective is to boost up social media marketing. You could effectively use these apps for converting followers into loyal fans and subscribers and for enhancing your productivity.