Diamonds are forever. We have heard this statement almost a thousand times. But isn’t it true that when we see diamond jewelry, our hearts skip a beat? The lustre and the texture is mesmerizing and we automatically feel shivers when we cast our eyes on something beautiful. Every year, our favourite jewelry designers come up with different designs and versions of this incredible metal to make our hearts skip more beats. One such stellar jewelers is Hazoorilal Legacy. They have been crafting unique jewelry pieces since 1952, and they’re very good at what they do.  

Let us take a look at some of their finest works when it comes to diamond jewelry.

  • Crescent craft

This is a pristine combination of white and fancy yellow diamonds which are set in 18k white and yellow gold frame, with a 21.25 carat drop-shaped emerald at the end. The total weight of the earrings is 25.35 carat, making this pair an absolute beauty to adorn.

  • Stunning strings

This piece is a string of pearls, set with diamonds and Zambian emerald. The bright green colour of the emerald adds to the charm of this exquisite delight. The best part about this necklace is that it comes with earrings to match, and they’re set in 18k white gold! With or without the entire set, this will definitely blow people’s minds.

  • Charming choker

This is a semi-choker, and has a 3-carat Cabocon emerald surrounded with white diamonds. It also has fancy yellow diamonds which highlights the centre motif. With ethnic vibes, this necklace is regal in its own way. It can be worn with anything simple, as it will immediately add to the beauty of the outfit.

  • Tangy tango

This one is for those who love colours and bling. With fancy yellow and white diamonds teamed with precious rubies, this combination is made of 18k white and yellow gold. The myriad colours add to its charm, and the best part is that it can go with anything ethnic. Whether it is a saree or a lehenga, or even a fusion gown, these earrings will look great on anything and everything!

  • Jazzy Jadau

This is from its Jadau polki jewellery collection, which is set in kundan and boasts of an intricate workmanship, inspired from the grandeur of the Mughal era. This particular piece reflects the vintage era and is crafted in fine uncut diamonds. It is set in 22k yellow gold and looks absolutely divine. Set closely together, the diamonds look magnificent in their tight frame. The last diamond which hangs with absolute grace adds to its exquisiteness.

  • Dangling delight

It is always important to mention bangles and bracelets when talking about jewellery. This particular bracelet comes with a dangling jhumki which is set in 18k yellow gold. It also has old-cut flat, known as polki, and round brilliant-cut diamonds. The emeralds that are both carved and drop-shaped add to the variety of excellent craftsmanship on exhibit in this piece. There are also hints of enamelling on the edges. Not only is this piece unique, it is also extremely festive and elegant at the same time. Whether it is a wedding or a festival, it can go with anything as long as it is ethnic. Due to the various hues in the bracelet, there is no issue when it comes to comparing and contrasting with the other elements of the outfit.

So, it is time to head to your nearest jewellery showroom and shop these beautiful jewellery pieces today!

Published by Sumity Paul