Hey there! Back on the blog with a new topic that will lead you right in to my makeup bag

If you try to follow a natural lifestyle it is important to ban from your beauty cabinet some naughty ingredients that are very common in Drugstore beauty products such as mineral oils, parabens and harsh chemicals. It means to stay away from a lot of things that the beauty market offers and this it can be frustrating sometimes especially if you like to experiment with makeup and explore every makeup trend. Even if the green/organic makeup wave is getting bigger on the market gaining a good share of the beauty industry I find that organic makeup is still not as easily available as non-organic brands. I don't know you, but sometimes I just wish I can step into the drugstore and find a counter of organic makeup next to Rimmel or Maybelline's

My quest for easily available green makeup as lead me to scan a lot of Drugstores products and, surprisingly, I come up with some cleanish bits that are free from the most undesirable component. If you are open to compromise here are some pics that you might care to try.



Too Faced Chocolat palette, the whole rage of Naked palettes from Urban Decay are free from dimethicone, mineral oils and parabens and, needless to say, they have an amazing staying power and blendability.

A mention of honour goes to Nabla eyeshadow, this brand offers the best choice in term of immaculate composition and payoff, plus eyeshadows come in pods so you can make your own palette with your favourites shades

Face Powders

I like to have fresh glowy complexion so I'm very picky when it comes to face products, the number one requirement is that powders should be free from mineral oils: these chemical products are no good impeding my skin to breathe and absorb moisture. Surprisingly among Kiko Cosmetics range, I've found the perfect powder for my skin type. Radiant Fusion Backed Powder hold all I want and need from a face powder, it sets my makeup without being powdery, it holds it in place all day still maintaining a nice fresh glow...cherry on top, the composition is quite cleanish (No mineral oil in it)!

P.s If you go for 2 shade darker you may use Radiant Fusion Backed Powder also as a bronzer!



We all love a nice bronzy halo!It makes such a difference on my complexion and I can't live without. Concerning bronzers, I found a very good and clean alternative that is easy to find and extremely good quality: Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer! It's a good quality bronzer with a surprisingly clean composition..and it smells like chocolate truffles!



Last but not least...lipsticks! With Kate Moss line for Rimmel you can't go wrong! They have suchs nice ingredients on it, like Castor oil and natural (Candelilla) wax, so they can take care of your lips while offering a bright colour payoff!

What are your cleanish drugstore pics..let me know

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