Saudi Arabia has grown immensely over the last few years. It is a country where wealth literally brews and is regarded as one of the major hubs of world economy. Saudi Arabia holds a large land, and the place which consumes the largest area of the country is the capital of the country, that is, Al-Riyāḍ popularly known as Riyadh.

The name Riyadh in itself is being derived from the Arabic word ‘rawdah’, which means meadows and gardens. Hence, there lies a unique peace in the meaning of the word itself. Riyadh is an Islamic hub where people follow the Islamic ethics wholeheartedly. The place has a unique heritage in itself. Albeit there are a few conservative ideologies here and there, the place at large is wonderful to have a gala time. 

You can book a flight in order to visit the place. For this, you may log on to Cleartrip, find your most suitable flight options and get some amazing discounts. You may opt to book a flight with Gulf Airline or any other trusted airline and fly to Riyadh in comfort. The place provides ample options to explore in the place. Let’s have a look at them.

 1. Explore The Historical Heritage

Every place has a history of its own. There are different places which you can visit to have a glimpse of the historical heritage of Riyadh and Saudi Arabia. 

To begin with, one may visit the National Museum of the country known as King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre. This is regarded as one of the best places that provide deep insight.

Another important place where you can visit in order to experience the historical heritage of the city is that of Damascus Square Exit 13. It is a historical landmark located in Riyadh.

You may also plan to visit the Al Masmak Fort, a highly important fort that played a pivotal role in the Kingdom’s history and its recapture around the year 1902.

2. Visit Significant Places

You should make a sure plan to visit the 41 story building, Kingdom Tower (or Kingdom Center). This huge building provides a wonderful picture of the town. One may reach the Sky Bridge and then they can have an amazing view of the city at large. 

Apart from the building, you may also plan a trip to the largest integrated farm in the world. Indeed, the largest integrated farm in the world is actually located on one of the desert lands. The name of the farm is Al Safi Dairy Farm. It is located in Al Kharj and has a Guinness World Record on its name for carrying over 50,000 Holstein cows in the farm altogether.

3. Enjoy Shopping

When on a holiday, who doesn’t love to shop! You can visit Deerah Souk. The word, ‘Souk’, in Arabic language, stands for the English equivalent of market or a bazaar.

Located behind the Masmak Fort, it is a decently organized market, where people may visit and choose different goods from a wide range of products that they wish to buy. 

Shopping is a highly functioning activity all over the world, and tourists are given special care as it adds to the development of the tourism aspect of the nation. Hence, once you visit Riyadh, you may move around the shops and buy things which interest you.

4. Fun Activities 

Nothing would make your travel interesting as some fun sports in Riyadh. The thrill of being in a foreign land and participating in some sporty fun is unmatched. In Riyadh, you can indulge in many different interesting activities.  

You can visit Red Sand Dunes, where you may wish to visit. There, you can rent an ATV, and then you can enjoy quad ride through the sand dunes. You can also take a road trip around the desert and take a long pleasant walk as well.

A visit to Riyadh, in order to have a feel of a conservative yet highly interesting place, is something one may think about. In Riyadh, apart from getting a memorable experience of the desert, you may also explore the town and marvel at the way the place has turned out after development. Riyadh has a rich story of development in the recent years, and a history which can be an interesting study as a whole. So,  you may opt to book a flight with Gulf Airline, and look forward to an absolutely amazing time. Cleartrip is an online booking platform that can help you find the best flights flying between your destinations and also save you money by offering lucrative deals.

Published by Daphenee Plaisir