Most people know that French is an important language to learn, but few know exactly how important it really is. French is an extremely popular language with millions around the globe learning it every year. If this wasn’t reason enough, let’s take a look at some other great reasons why you should study French.

The Number of Native Speakers is Growing

Everybody knows that French is speaking in France, but what about other French-speaking countries? There are 29 countries in the world where French is an official language making it one of the language with the most largest reach. Not only that, but due to the growth currently going on in Africa the presence of the French language there is expected to increase. Because of this some even expect French to be the most spoken language in the world by 2050.

It’s Very Useful for Travel

France is the most visited country in the entire world with over 80 million people traveling to the country every year. In a country like France, it’s extremely helpful to be able to travel there while  having even the most basic grasp of the language. Other popular places in the world that speak French are Belgium, Switzerland and Quebec. With so many great nations that speak French as a native language you can travel quite a bit if you speak French.

It Opens Up a World of Culture

It’s no secret that the French language is known around the world for theater, fashion, cuisine, architecture and more. If you speak French you open the door to a wonderful culture that goes back hundreds and hundreds of years. Understanding French culture helps you understand the French way of life and enriches your own view of the world.

It’s Popular in the Business World

If you’re looking to take part in any sort of international business activity then a good command of French is a great asset. French is one of the official languages of the United Nations as well at NATO, the European Union and more. Being one of only two languages in the world to be spoken on all five continents, knowing French is incredibly helpful in the business world.

It’s Easy to Learn

If you’re reading this article then chances are you already have a good command of the English language. If this is true, then learning French is all that much easier. A huge amount of the English language comes from French due to the mingled history between France and England. This means that it’s extremely common to come across words in French that look like words that you have already learned in English, making the entire process much easier than learning other languages.

There Are So Many Resources to Help You

One factor that should be taken into account when trying to learn a foreign language is the number of resources out there to help you. Even if the language you are trying to learn is considered “easy” if there are no resources out there that you can use to learn the language you are still going to have a tough time. Fortunately when it comes to French there are tons of books, classes, and even French websites to help you in your studies.

The French language is one of the best languages you could ever possibly learn. With so many great reasons to learn it, there is really no question as to why you should study it.

Published by Eric Foley