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as I’ve been doing my skincare routine every night the past couple of weeks I thought it’s worth sharing. Especially as I’ve never been this consistent with any skincare routine before.

Also I have been putting on a full face of makeup pretty much everyday since I work at LUSH and I really enjoy it. So considering this, my skincare routine in the evening is probably a very good thing to have.

Before I start, I wanna say that I have very dry and sensitive skin, hence the fact I use all the products mentioned below, so keep that in mind.


I start by putting my hair up in a bun and washing my hands right after that.
It’s important to me, to wash my face with clean hands and not smear all that gunk from all over on my face.

The product I use to take my makeup off is called Ultrabland, the main ingredients are almond oil, rosewater, beeswax and honey.

It’s kind of like these “solid to oil” cleansers that are all the rage in the makeup world at the moment.
I take a fingertip amount, warm it up between my hands and then massage it into my face. This product takes everything off and by everything I mean, liquid lipsticks, waterproof mascara and every other kind of “really hard to get off” makeup product. Then I take two cotton rounds and wet them slightly to then wipe off the product and the junk that used to be my face.

Next step is to use 9 to 5 on a disposable washcloth to remove the little things like really tiny amounts of eyeliner and some brow pencil residue. This cleanser also has almond oil in it and on top of that there is dove orchid milk in it to moisturize.

As you can probably already tell I like to have a thorough cleanse so let’s have another one shall we.
I really like to have some scrubbing aspects to my cleansers so I use Angels on Bare Skin for exactly that. The ingredients that help exfoliate the skin in this product are ground almonds. It also has Kaolin inside which soaks up excess oil and lavender oil and rose absolue to calm the skin.
The way to use this product is to take a tiny bit into the palm of your hand, add some water and make a paste with it. Then rub between your hands use circular rubbing motions on the skin to clean the face. After using just rinse with water.

Next up is my toner. I’m in love with it, it’s called Eau Roma Water and made out of rose and lavender water, the later balances out the skin and the first helps calm it and also helps to minimize redness. I spray it stright onto my face and then on two cotton round to then smooth over my skin.

If I do intend to do a face mask, which I mostly do, then I apply it right after my toner. If I’m feeling a little extra, I’ll apply my serum before I apply my mask. This helps the skin to soak up the mask in the best way possible. My favourite mask is Mask of Magnaminty, with it’s cooling sensation and refreshing smell it’s just my kinda product. On top of that it has peppermint oil to stimulate, aduki and primrose seeds to exfoliate and marigold oil to treat the skin, inside.

After my mask I tone yet again.

The final step in my skincare routine is to give my skin some good nutritious stuff to make it nice and plump.

Lately I’ve only been “moisturizing” with the Full of Grace solid serum by LUSH. I warm it up between my hands so it melts and then apply it to my face and rub it in in circular motions.

All I can say is, I am a very excessive person if it comes to doing something regularly. Especially if I see that it is doing something. I like to use quite a big amount of products, you really don’t need all of them to see major results. So if you are considering getting some of them then I would suggest you get one of the three cleansers, the toner and the serum. If you like masks then you will be missing out if you don’t get the one I used almost religiously.

Thanks for dropping by to read about my skincare routine!

Take care,


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