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In my personal blog, the most liked post was the post I made about my favorite quotes. So today to make a post with my favorite motivational quotes to work out and be fit as they help me also to be motivated during my journey.

  1. “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going”
  • I always used to be someone who would try to find easy ways to lose weight. I have tried many diet plans that promised to lose weight in a short period of time but they all failed miserably. It took me long enough to realize that there was no shortcuts and that if I wanted real results it takes time.


     2.“Be stronger than your excuses”

  • This doesn’t need much explanation. We somehow always try to make up excuses not to workout. You need stop making excuses for not working out. Your willpower should be stronger than anything. So get up and start working out without making any kind of excuses.


   3.“I never regret it when I do it, but I always regret it when I don’t “

  • It’s true. I always end up regretting and feeling guilty because I would always say later and that becomes never and I end up regretting. So yourself up and start moving. I promise you won’t regret it one bit.

    4.“You are what you eat. So don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake”

  • For everyone who eats only junk food. I know it’s always easier to do that but it’s the worst for our body. I am not saying to completely cut them off because we all need cheat days and always remember this quote when the next time before you put unhealthy stuff in your body all the time.


    5.“I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday”

  • Yes, we might not have reached our goal yet but every day that we put an effort and workout, remember that you are getting closer. So don’t give up if you don’t see results right away.


    6.“Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change”

  • Always start with a positive mind and attitude, it always help to keep us motivated. The reason we might get demotivated is because of the negative thoughts in our mind. So put all those negative thoughts away and fill it with positive ones. YOU CAN DO IT.


     7.“Slow progress is better than no progress”

  • It does take time. It is definitely not a fast progress and you won’t see results soon but remember if you keep moving and working out you will definitely see a progress. So don’t stop or get demotivated and as the quotes says slow progress is better than no progress.


Remember the journey is not going to be easy or fast but at the end you will realize it was all worth it. Don’t get demotivated, keep going. YOU CAN DO IT. You are in control of everything so you have the power to change what you don’t like. Never let other people demotivate you, they are just ignorant. It’s ok to go off track sometimes but always get back on track and continue.

If you get demotivated, try talking to someone to cheer you up or you can even talk to me, I am ready to listen to you and help you get motivated again.

 I hope this blog post helped at least one person.

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Published by Chanduni De Silva