You know that Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites with almost 1billion active monthly users. In this context, you must know that as per the latest statistics over 5 million businesses actually use Instagram for telling their stories visually, connecting with their fans and followers, and building their brand identity. By now everybody is aware of the reasons why this social media platform seems to be a wonderful rather magical tool for boosting small businesses. You may have signed up already for personal use. Instagram is supposed to be the hottest social media platform currently and is gaining traction rapidly. It is quick, visual, easy-to-use, and definitely mobile.

Experts are of the opinion that this is the right time for you to get started on this platform if you haven’t already. When you are new to this platform, it could seem pretty overwhelming at the thought of ways to stand out from the rest and outshine the others in such a huge crowd. However, getting started on this hugely popular social networking site is definitely much easier than you may think. Here are some of the important things you must do while getting started on this platform.

Start By Downloading the App

You could grab this fundamentally photo-sharing app from Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, or the App Store. When you are creating your specific Instagram account on this mobile application, the mobile app would be guiding you all the way through the fundamental steps for establishing your account. However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind in this context.

Profile Picture: Your Instagram profile picture would be showcased as a circle. Suppose you are thinking of using your specific business logo, strategically place it right at the center of the picture that is to be used as the Instagram profile picture. Moreover, since your profile picture would be looking relatively smaller in this app, it could be best if you decide to use a truly conspicuous logo mark, rather than opting for any logo with text.

Profile Information: The Instagram app would certainly not be prompting you to fill out all relevant profile information. However, it would be wonderful if you could feed in the details relating to your profile info. You may consider tapping on ‘Edit Profile’ once you visit your profile. You may fill up fields such as Your Bio and Your Website. You could at once change your Instagram username.

Instagram is way different from any other social media platforms simply because it is predominantly a mobile platform. Once you have managed to set up your Instagram account, you would be having a page that could be viewed on your desktop. However, most of your activities would be happening within this smart mobile app. You may browse for perfect solutions.

Select a Noticeable Username

You could be signing up for Instagram by using your personal Facebook account or any email address. When you have done the signing up, you would be required to select a username. In this context, keep in mind that your username would be on public display and would be actually what people would be seeing while looking for you on this immensely popular social media platform. Ensure that your username is actually recognizable and is quite similar to your organization’s or business’s name.

While signing up, Instagram would be asking for precisely Your Full Name. If you are operating Instagram for your business, you could insert your Full Business Name that would make it convenient for everyone to locate you via the search function on Instagram.

Update Your Profile

Instagram allows you to incorporate a 150-character Bio regarding your business. As there are text restrictions or limitations, it is mandatory to be concise and clear about what you are offering and who you actually are. If you seem to be serving predominantly a local customer base, it is mandatory to save your location. Your users would be free to click.

The perfect profile picture for Instagram would be ideally 400x400 pixels. However, the most important thing is you must incorporate a totally recognizable picture. The best case scenario is choosing your business logo as discussed earlier. Your profile picture could be updated successfully on any mobile device. In case you do not have your company logo saved to your tablet or smartphone, Instagram could be importing it from Twitter or Facebook. You could alternatively, click a new picture with Instagram.

Do Ample Research

You must indulge in ample research online so that you get a clear idea about the type of photos that are shared or used by others. Remember only meticulous research could help you in understanding what type of content actually is doing really well. Instagram research could be quite exciting as you do not need to examine a whole lot of boring data. Instead, it is all about enchanting photos kind of research. You may initiate research by identifying a business relevant to your industry and boasts the highest levels of engagement and immense Instagram following. Even if you wish to stay way ahead of the competition, it always pays to know ways to differentiate yourself effectively from the existing competition. It is mandatory to keep track of what all your competitors are doing.

Post Your First Picture on Instagram

The platform is now all set to include a nice Instagram profile picture. You could click the library or press the circle right at the center of the screen for uploading your own photos. While uploading a picture you must consider cropping it at once. You could be identifying a host of filters that are scrolling across the app’s bottom. You could consider clicking on Edit to enable access to important photo editing features. Once you are satisfied with your choice of a photograph, you may hit NEXT that is placed strategically on the screen’s top. You could consider tagging people or naming the location.


Leveraging all your current channels for your business so that people come to know more about your business is certainly the right choice. In case you are having a comprehensive email list, you may consider sending out a specific announcement and even request readers to effectively follow you. 

Published by silv Watson