If you have a double bed (more than 140 cm wide), you will almost always have two summers side by side (because a large bed does not exist) it is mainly for a practical question, we do not all giants' doors

If you absolutely want a large bed base of 120 or 140cm wide, opt for the Aping lattice bases.

If you sleep alone in a large bed, avoid slatted bedsteads.

Why? In theory, you will spend most of the night in the center of the mattress. However, the central part of the mattress will be the most uncomfortable part of the bed since it will be exactly on the hollow between the two bedsteads.

It is advisable to change the mattress when you buy a new mattress

Indeed, some types of bed bases are recommended for certain types of mattresses.


Did you know that our bodies lost on average 33 cl of water each night?

This is why it is important to choose a box spring that promotes ventilation and therefore the hygiene of the bedding. We propose you here a small inventory of the different types of existing bed bases as well as their Advantages and disadvantages. Go this website to see best latest design of bed bases.

1. The traditional slatted bed base

The slats are made of wooden slats of different widths that are spaced apart. They must be integrated into a bed frame.

The price is relatively cheap (beware, different qualities exist!)

The comfort is not uniform (Indeed, the soft comfort is at the center of the bed base and firmer on the ends)

For double beds, the area in the middle of the mattress is uncomfortable (because the ends of the bed bases that are side by side are firm)

Aeration of the bed base is optimal only in areas not covered by slats

Slatted bed bases are recommended for mattresses in foam or latex

 2. Mesh metal bed bases

The truss frame is a metal bed, 80% open. In this type of product, we recommend the products of the Aping brand.

  • It is possible to have a large bed frame of a room up to 140 cm wide
  • The metal bed base ensures optimal ventilation
  • The comfort is uniform with however, an uncomfortable area in the middle of the mattress for double beds (because the ends of the bed bases are firm)
  • The lattice bases are of incredible quality (almost indestructible!)
  • The price is very interesting because you can keep this box spring for many years
  • The comfort of this type of bed frame is firm , so it will strengthen the comfort of your mattress
  • To put in a bed frame or to put on feet (for example, the new Aping bedsteads and feet are very design )
  • This bed base is recommended for pocket spring mattresses. Be careful; remember that this mattress will make the comfort of your mattress firmer.

3. Winged bases

These are considered the ' evolution of slatted bed bases as they allow a uniform comfort throughout the mattress.

The comfort is uniform with however, an uncomfortable area in the middle of the mattress for double beds (because the ends of the bed bases are firm)

  • This box spring is innovative because it answers the problems of variation of comfort of the slats. In addition, the fins are independent of each other.
  • The finned bed bases ensure optimal ventilation and optimal pressure distribution (ideal ergonomics throughout the bed surface)
  • The price is higher than for a traditional slatted bed base
  • The bed frame is to be integrated into a bed frame or can be placed on feet
  • Good for the mattress in latex or any mattress to which the mattress plays a more important

 4. Box springs (or box springs)

The box springs, also known as box springs or box springs are an excellent compromise between comfort, price and aesthetics. These beds can be integrated in existing bed frames or be placed on feet of shapes and various materials. In this case, they can be embellished with a headboard and can be dressed with a bed skirt or simply trimmed with fabric or leather look (or leather).


The comfort of these bed bases is uniform thanks to their soft edges

Comfortable to medium comfort, it will not change too much the comfort of your mattress

The box springs make summer ET framing at once. So you do not have to put them in a bed frame

At the level of decoration and aesthetics, there is something for everyone. You can choose to cover the box of fabrics or cur look, to add a headboard or not, choose the feet of your choice,

These summers provide optimal ventilation

Box Springs are recommended for spring mattresses

Published by Lucy Jones