I love this topic. I love this topic so much because it describes me perfectly.

I said this in my first post and you’ll definitely hear me say it again: I am one of the most honest people you will ever meet.

I take pride in this. There is a fine line between honesty and just being plain rude, I know. Or maybe some people are just too sensitive? Ok, maybe that’s rude. Back to the topic – it’s perfect for me because my whole life I’ve been that person who always says what everyone else is thinking – and then I’m the one who gets in trouble. But finally I have the chance to say what I think and there’s nothing anybody can do about it! Wahahaha.

Here’s a few random thoughts that come to mind:

  • People not saying bless you

Do you not want me to be blessed? How rude.

  • People who sit right next to you when there’s plenty other free seats

In cinemas and public transport especially. I know I smell good but…seriously?

  • Adults who eat with their mouths open

I feel like this one doesn’t need any explanation but sadly, I see this far too often.

  • Girls who can’t walk in high heels

If you feel like your bum is sticking out too far or your knees can’t bend properly, your heels are more than likely too high and you look constipated.

  • Texting while I’m talking to you

“Uh huh..” and “mmyea..” are not convincing enough. I can see your fingers moving and eyes wondering. And no, it isn’t lovely that I found my fish floating in the tank. RIP Billy and Sally.

  • People without manners

Maybe that’s not how your mamma raised you. But you’re a grown up now, it’s not                physics, chemistry, ecology, meteorology or any other kind of science.

  • LOL and hehe

No. Just no. Emoticons have been invented for a reason.

  • Not flushing the loo

No thank you, I don’t want to pee in your pee and I don’t really care how dehydrated you are. I know we’re having a bit of a water crisis but it is possible to just half flush.

It feels so damn good to get that off my chest. I feel lighter already! I hope this post hasn’t chased you away. I still love you, I promise.


Published by Jodi-Lee Melrose