The topic says a lot more than I ever say in the whole blog, but I will still say it and you might even like it unless you are egoistic enough to leave it right now, Lol! Our life as we live is never always the same.

 Some days we don’t want the day to get over!

 some days we just linger for the night to come!!

Some days we travel and the world feels so big!  

some days we hide and even avoid windows!!

Some days we love, some days we hate!

it’s always the matter of some days!!


The Life we live is a matter of some days, isn’t it? They pretty much hold every bit of our life story.

We, humans, have this habit of taking things very seriously, directly to our heart, and then to our mind and we often take things and decisions with extreme focus and worry, such as deciding career,  forming a relationship, doing certain education or job, etc. We give them much more importance than we ever should, and wonder that there is no life without them. And we are partially true too, but it’s also a significant fact that 80% of our decisions and actions never bring any good to us. We do these things for the sake of societal acceptance and appreciation. I am not an enemy of society; it’s made up for our own good. And I am even not saying you to neglect these priorities and do whatever the hell you want to do. Although you are always free to do what you want. All I am saying is to relax and consider this life as a journey to a distant world which will over one day and you will have to start all of that again. So, here’s my piece of advice.  Remember nothing is too hard and fast, and nothing is worth giving your life for.


My Witty Advice- Be nice and enjoy. Do well to others and it will come back to you in many-fold ways. Nothing is worth putting your mind and soul at such great stress and pressure. Take care of your body and soul and always try to make time for those who love you. And No matter which part of the world you live in or what you do with your life, just don’t forget to make the most of your someday.

Spread Happiness! 


Published by Nikhil Shrivastava