This 28-day raw diet detox has been fairly easy in terms of preparation. I mean, without eating nuts and seeds, there is no soaking only chopping of vegetables. If I am juicing or making a smoothie, there isn’t even much chopping involved. Pretty simple. All of my meals have been made in 15 minutes or less and the longer meals were only because I was making a sauce or trying to make my plate look pretty. Presentation matters.

The morning I left for Savannah, my vitamix broke. Ahhhh!!! This is the stuff nightmares are made of. It may take up to 2 weeks before I get it back. (after I send it back of course which is a thing in and of itself) So, I left for Savannah knowing there would be no smoothies, just juices. When I returned I would be spending more time in the kitchen figuring out how to incorporate my frozen wild blueberries into my meals and wondering where I would hide the spirulina and dulse. Smoothies are perfect for that.

Too much. It was just too much. I spent 20 days changing everything about my diet then this curveball was thrown at me? Argh. In Savannah, all I kept thinking about was how great it is to enjoy a nice meal at a nice restaurant. Not just because of the food, but the ambiance and social aspect of it. Plus, I wouldn’t have to do a damn thing.

After a day of 8.5 miles of walking, I decided it was worth a shot. I wanted someone making my meal AND cleaning it up. I wanted to be pampered. I wanted to feel special. I suggested the restaurant to my bestie and we decided to go for it. I am sure I gave the kitchen staff plenty to talk about. I explained to my waitress that I was on a restrictive diet and wanted  romaine, tomatoes, onions, avocado for a salad and just lemon for dressing.

Here is what I got:


I mean, I’m not a great food photographer, but it was beautiful! Presented so thoughtfully. My heart felt happy. Then here’s bestie rubbing in eating her own cooked meal with pasta and dairy (which turned out not to be too tasty. served her right)


Nowadays with so many allergies, chefs are more and more willing to go out of their way to ensure their customers satisfaction. Take a chance, go to a restaurant and let someone feed you. You’ll be glad you did.

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