Hey, I'm Shylah, but I go by Shy. I wanted to take this time to introduce myself as well warn you about the storm that's about to take place. I've recently started blogging and it feels like I've finally found my voice. Blogging has given me a platform to say what i want, when i want, without having to fear any consequences. Any time i start feelings some kind of way, when i'm hurting, when i'm confused, or simply bored, I blog. 

As a child being sexually abused by family members, the same family members who told me not to speak about it taught me to keep things to myself. Watching my mother in domestic violence relationships taught me when you try to get help, it only makes things worst. Being kidnapped and a victim of human trafficking made me believe I had no control of my life, no one could save me, and I didn't deserve any better. 

Now 21 years old and pregnant with twins, this has been a difficult journey and it's barely started. Before finding out I was pregnant I was asked why would I want to bring a child into this crazy hateful world? I see what they mean now. I'm a black woman pregnant by a white man and he's making sure my life is harder than it was when we were together. Bad enough that he's beating me any chance he gets, our last encounter consisted of my shoulder being dislocated. 

I don't want to put all my business out there on the first blog post, and plus my show just turned on, lol.  Hope you're looking forward to hearing more about me. 

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