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With this post I'll start a new period of my life - okay, of our life. This post will be the FIRST, what will be published here, and also on My Trending Stories. I'm pretty excited about the future, what influence will be brought from this story, but until then, I give you another part of my life now days.

As you could - already - notice, I'm in love with running. Any place, any time, as often as I can, I pick up my running shoes (Nike Flex 2016 & Adidas Supernova Sequence) and go somewhere to run, just to switch off my mind, refresh myself. So in this part you can read about my time in Igal and Kaposvar, and in the end, about my 2nd more serious competition, my FIRST 12 km run! I hope you're ready :)


As you know, I've arrived home on Sunday from Paradsasvar, from the Rally race. A little wet, but at least relaxed, full with experience and pictures, with a few hundred kilometers in the car, and I did not have so much time for the next date. On Tuesday I was already packing my luggage - this time the small carry-on wouldn't be enough - in the afternoon, and after a late lunch I jumped back to the Honda, I hit the main roads and headed to Igal!

You're asking me what's there? And where is it?

Located not so far from Kaposvar, around 20 km far, a little village, town. Not a big one, but peaceful, nice, clear, fresh. And the most famous thing is the - except the Igal Days - is the thermal bath. But that one is famous, like real, and not just in Hungary, but aboard as well. This whole place is really one of its kind, the whole complexum had been just renovated. Of course it has a medical department, but in the same time good for families and children. The prices are really acceptable, the location is perfect, they have separated pool for youngsters, a swimming pool, one for playing, 4-lane slide, just to mention some of them. And 2 more thermal pool outside, covered against the sun and the rain. Inside the building you can find the usual things, more thermal bath, saunas, different treatments, massages, so I can only recommend this place, even if you don't speak German. A really nice place!

As I walk through the main street, the "Zimmer Frei" sign shows up everywhere, and where is none, it's already occupied, and the German number-plates looks back at you from the Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes's, Opel, Audi. You barely can hear a Hungarian word here, you really have to focus if you want to understand your own language. You could see it as a Svabic settlement, but it is not! Since we have here a weekend house, it's not Svabic at all! A little wooden house on the side of the hill with a huge garden. I mean huge, but literally. Looks like a big staircase with 4 steps next to the small dirt-road, and the building is on the 3rd level. Old-build house, but not destroyed. What else, it was just rebuilt in some parts, the kitchen and the water-block is brand new, everything is separated, bathroom, kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms. The terrace and the cellar are just some of the many extras. So really, you can find everything here if you're looking for a good vacation.

The plan was that on Tuesday I drive there, and on Friday I go back home, between that time nothing else just massive relaxing, doing nothing. Maybe I'll do my first own cooking, but I had time to decide it. Go to the bath in Igal on Wednesday, in the afternoon stay in the house, go to bed early, wake up lately on the other day, later on go to Kaposvar to check out the place and the local bath. After that go back again to the house, sleeping again, and on the next day, Friday, wake up in a normal time and head back to home. And what could I made out of these point?


First of all, on Tuesday I could pack my luggage and prepare the car for the ride, and after the lunch I left. The new radio was working perfectly, the USB port was exceptional, so for the first time I did not have to listen my songs from the phone, but from the car's speakers! The GPS holder was also very good, my Samsung just fit there and showed the way for me. Everything was given for a wonderful, few hour long ride, but my phone decided somehow else. It choose an other route, not the easiest one, which was a little bit longer. My mom called me in the same time to ask, how is everything. I said fine, I'm just on an other way to Igal, no worries. She said nicely, be aware of the right side of the road because of the wild animals, and it wouldn't be good for any of us to meet. So I took her advise, and carefully started to orient to the middle of the road. I wish I didn't do it!

Just a little bit later after we hang up the phones, in a right turn I regret to listen to her this time. I was checking the outside of the road for small holes and visitors, when an idiot "big guy-big car" person just came from the other direction. And what a surprise, he was half in my line, probably he thought this car deserves one and a half lines instead the standard one. And did not care who's coming from the other side, he will take that extra space to turn. I don't have to mention, full brake, turn the wheel to the right off the road, and hit the horn big time, just to make sure. After I survived this intermezzo, I overwrite my moms words and speed up again to the travelling speed, and from that point I was more close to the side of the road. Which was leading me through totally unknown places, and in the end, as it figured out, I reached Igal from the totally other side, from the back. Okay, the scenery was beautiful, with all the bumps and hills, next to grape- and wheat-fields, passing by tractors, and sometimes with the feeling, that if I could have my own, a little bit more powerful car, I would participate a local rally here, I just need a stabil financial background, some sponsor and a few other racer. The point is, in the end of the day, I made it in one piece - me and the car as well.

You can't imagine how much I've missed this place. I don't know when was the last time I've been here. But it's still the same. Okay, the building itself changed, but the environment, the feeling, the atmosphere is the same. On the neighborhood, my grandmother's brother and his wife had a house, and they've been home. So before I unpack from the car, I went down to say hello to them! Their dog was already barking at me, and a few seconds later, Uncle Vilmos (William) stepped out from behind the curtains. I haven't seen him a while ago, I don't know how many years exactly. We started to talk about them, about me, about everything, how is it going. He told me, that he had a little health problem, stayed in a hospital, but now he's okay, the doctors cured him. And really, he seemed like a liveful, happy, healthy person! A really honest, lovely men!

After a while I said good bye and went back to the house to bring my staff inside and unpack it. As it figured out, I did not packed everything what I've needed, just the most important thing stayed home - the swimming pants. For my biggest luck, there was one spare in the closet, and it still fit me. So in the end of the day, I went to sleep in peace, and slept like a dead stone.

Next day, around 10 am. I just woke up. How much did it mean in hours? Something like 11-12 hours sleep without any break, finally! Since the middle of March I did not spend so much time in the bed during a day. But now, when I woke up, I felt like a new person, relaxed, recharged. First decision that I take one of my friend's advise - again an advise - and cook something real for myself, what is not a boiled egg/sausage and not an instant cup-soup. My choice sounds pretty easy: sliced potato - chicken - bacon in three layers, covered with cheese on the top, with a little white wine. What I've got from home, was the bacon, so I jumped into the car and went for a shopping tour. Everyone was surprisingly helpful, and when I mentioned that this will be my first cooking alone, the butcher was more than nice, wished me good luck, and gave me a little discount from the meat's price. This is what I call a Hungarian treat! I returned with all the goods I've found, unpacked them in the kitchen, and called my mom for a little help.

I made it step by step, I did not want to rush or mess up anything. After a 1,5 hour later I took out the cooked food from the oven. The smell was really tasty, the mixture of the bacon and the wine made me really hungry. I took off the cover from the top, and let it cool down a little bit, so I could get some from my first food.

Don't judge for the first sight - this theory just came true again, but now not in a good way. The chicken and the bacon was really good, but the potato - the main part of the course - was not. It was still raw. Not just a little, but really. As the comments told me, maybe because there was no water. The I-put-some-white-wine-on-top-and-it-will-be-enough thing did not work this time. So I put it back for another 30 minutes into the oven, maybe it helps. And just for your information, it did help a little. On the top level, but what was under that, stayed the same. Conclusion: if I offer to you to come over, have something to eat, I'll make it, then option one: expect something like sausages, hot-dogs, sandwiches and boiled eggs; option two: say no and referr to this post!


So, after this, a little bit disappointed and hungry, but I went to conquer the Thermal Bath of Igal. I rolled down with the car, found a nice parking spot under the shades of a tree, bought my ticket and a few minutes later I settle down close to the pools. I did not bring a lot of stuff with me, just a towel, the slippers and the third part of Stephen King - Dark- Tower's book. I planned that I'll finish with this book while I'm in Igal, which means around 850-900 pages. I put the towel down on the grass, I lay down on the towel, get the book and start to enjoy it with the sunshine. The temperature is high, but not damn high, just a few clouds were running across the sky, and sometimes the wind just pass over the place. A nice 28-30 Celsius degrees, just the perfect for a nice day close to the water. After a few dozen of pages I got the feeling that it's time to jump into the water, just to refresh myself, so I close the book, take a quick shower, and go into the closest pool. The water is just perfect, the place is not crowded but neither empty, so everything is given for a beautiful day.

After a nice hour in the pool, I change my mind and go to the swimming pool. The water is much cooler here, and the wind became your enemy if you're not under the water. But you can get used to it easily. The pool is 30 meters long with 4 separated lines for swimmers and wine wider one for everyone else. I slipped to the swimmers line and waited for my time when I could start swimming. When the time had come, I went under the water just to prepare myself. Okay, I did it. I'm under the water. What's next? Oh, yeah, I have to come up. Done, well done! And now, don't make yourself look like an idiot, start to swim. Yes, that's it. Easy, no hurry, don't start to panic or sink, you can do it, only 30 meters. You are able to do it! You must do it! Very good, you're ready with the half of it. You see, how easy is it? Simple, like the ...... . Okay, only 10 meters left, keep up! Just a few more stroke and you're there, don't give up! Yes, that's it. Five more meters. Only 4, 3, 2, 1, don't die here for me, reach the end! Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!

This was just a joke. It wasn't so bad or hard, what else, it wasn't hard at all. After 42 times I get a little tired, so I made my way back to my little camp to continue with the book. Later on I went to try the thermal pool as well, and because the sun was going down, I left the place and went back to the house. At home I took a quick shower, my book and a bottle of wine was waiting for me, and when the beverage ran out, I put down my head on the pillow and fell asleep immediately.

Thursday's program(plan): late wake-up, a little more time in the bed, "breakfast", and go to Kaposvar, my friend's birth city. I asked her about what to see. She mentioned a few places, parks, the main square, statues, streets, so I have to manage this, and the visit of the Aqua Park. Then a nice dinner somewhere, go home to sleep, and next day go back to Erd.

And mostly I could manage. I woke up around 11 am, made 3 sandwiches and had a breakfast. Then went back to the bed for a little more time before I went to Kaposvar. The exact names of the places are out of my mind already, but I remember that the first stop was the Balassy-park (???). Huge, green, clean, nice. What nice, beautiful. If you're in a neighborhood, you defenetly have to come here, even just for a little walk. And of course, my hobby, the Geocaching. I've already wrote about it. If you're not sure about this thing, check out this.


So, regarding to the GPS, there're two places, one close to the central statue, the other one next to the pavilion. I did not find them this time, I had a few more things to do. I walked towards from the park to the city center, all along the main street, and next to the main church I've found a little hide. I can't tell you how, where, and what you have to search for, but the point is, I made it. Then I went back to the car and go to the water! Okay, it's not the Balaton, just the bath of Kaposvar, but maybe even better, they've just renovated the place. And you can see it. But first, you have to fight for a parking place, or wait until someone leaves. On the other hand, the entering into the complex was pretty quick and easy, the ticket is not expensive, you can choose between different kinds. I bought the one which allows you to go everywhere. You get your own locker, separated shower, and really, you could enter everywhere. So I took the towel and the book, and started with the inside part.


They have thermal section, a full sauna-part ( I missed it this time, but one more reason to come back), different kind of pools and baths, swimming pool inside. After I've tried most of them, I took my staff and went out to the outdoor pools. Put down my towel and book again, layed down and started to read. I could manage to finish with another 100 pages before I went to the slides. But first, the outdoor big pool, which goes all around. And here, under the sky, all the nations, Italians, Arabians, French, Germans, Serbians, Croatians. Something international was on. I did not care about them much, I was more interested about the slides. Not much, not scary, but more than nothing. They have a yellow fast one, the red with 4 lines, and the green tube, the longest with turns. Mainly that's the main attraction of the bath. Of course you have other options, like jump down from a couple of meters high, have a beach-soccer and beach-volleyball field, outdoor thermal bath, and restaurants. So everyone can choose something what is suitable for them and spend the day here, and when they start to close the place, you're tired enough to go home and just fall into the bed and sleep. In a normal case. But I'm not a normal case, so I went back to the center for a night stroll. And then it came out, why so many different nationalities were there. It was the International Youth Football Championship in Kaposvar, and today, Thursday was the last day/night with party, stage and dancers on the main square. I've been watching the dancers for a while, and started to miss dancing. Not just a little, but much. After they've finished with their show, I remembered why I came here. I am hungry, did not eat anything today except the breakfast, so it's time for a good pizza, schnitzel or something which kills my hunger. In the end of the pedestrian street I found a nice place, an Italian restaurant, where you could have some Hungarian dishes as well. Elegant, cultural, beautiful place, and for my luck, the food was delicious and a big portion. Oh, I've almost forgot, I ordered schnitzel with roasted potato and cranberry jam on the side. I did not want to risk anything, I made a good choice. And I was right, it was very tasty, and filling, so I could survive until the morning. I arrived home around 11 pm and went straight to the bed with the thought in my mind, that tomorrow I'll wake up in normal time, pack my things and go home.

What I could manage to do: to wake up and to arrive home. Since I could sleep a lot and in peace, I woke up around 5 am, that what's the time, I'm late, I have to go home right now. I checked my phone, and saw the time. I wanted to sleep back but I couldn't for a while. After that I washed the dishes, hoovered the place, packed my things and hit the road.

I've arrived home in one piece, unpack my luggage and started to wait the next day, Saturday. Why?

Because of my first (!!!) 12 km running competition. On not just a regular one, but during the night, the start was at 9 pm! At the meeting point I've met with my formal school mate, he signed up for his first 7 km! Location is Budapest, Varkert Bazar. Start from the front of it, at the Clark Adam Square we turn back and take the street up to the castle, go around the Savoyai-horse statue, under the gallery. Next point is the Disz square, after that the Taban, and the Rakpart, which was closed only for us! We went down next to the Elizabeth-bridge and run until the A38 ship. There a hairpin left, and all along the Danube until the Margaret-bridge. Then another hairpin left, back to the Elizabeth-bridge, one hairpin right, and on the tram-line to the finish gate. Looks a long run even in written format, not to mention that first we have to climb up to the castle, what can kill anyone. But I did not care about these at all, that was my first race, the spirit gave me power to do it. And the environment, the place was just an additional extra, everything was in synchron.

After a few minutes of waiting and warm-up, the race started. We were the second group from the back, so on the first few hundred meters it was difficult to run, sometimes we had to stop, because the corner was crowded - there was not enough space for around 1000 people. Later, on the way up I could manage to pass by a lot of them. I could overtook surprisingly lot of them. I have no information about the first 2-3 kilometers, but from the last 2 rows I managed to be in the end of the leader branch. After that, on the way down a few more had to watch me passing by, and then the flat part came. There wasn't so easy to gain some places, but still I could manage somehow to run faster the others. And then, around the 10th kilometer, I ran out of power. Everyone took back their positions, some of them were smiling while overtook me. I felt like that's it, I won't finish the race. I had pain in my ankle, in my knee, it was hard to breath. So I choose just to slow down a little, but did not stop. That's not me, even if I die here, I'll make it, I'll run 12 kilometers! To give up is not an option!

So with this mentality, on the last kilometer I collected all of my energy what left, that I'll show them in the end, what's running. And for real, I could manage it, even in the last 300 meters I could speed up more, and like a miracle, I was flying, like someone was chasing me, I get back my positions and made it to the finish line!

1 hour 2 minutes for 12 kilometers. And from around 1000 participants, I made it as the 66th fastest!!! Do you understand, 66 of 1000!!! When I saw the results, I did not believe it. Like on the 7 km race in February. But really, my name, my number, my details. Everything was there, so it must be me. Finally, it paid off, the running, and I can be proud of it! After the finish line we got a medal, a bottle of rose-champagne and an energy drink. When I've finished with the stretching, I went back to the car, jumped in and drove home to spend my last night there, since on the next day I had to embark the ship again.


So, that's how I've spend my vacation in the middle of the season. I wasn't boring, did something useful. And the most beautiful part of it, that I could make this result on the race! It gives me a lot to keep working and dreaming :)

So, never give up what you believe, what you would like to reach! Keep up, training, training, and a little more training with a tiny desperation, to reach your goal. And if everything would be perfect and in synchron for a moment, that would be really something!

See you later!

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