The choice and willingness to confront agony, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation.


Have you ever tried to count, how many times you willingly wanted to do something but you haven't really had the right amount of courage to do that?
Have you ever tried to count, how many times you used the pure courage raising from your inner self, when you tried to do a good thing?

To understand how courage works, you don't have to be a rocket scientist. For example, as I was reading a very long time ago- The idea of courage might also be a man with the gun. You know you are licked before you even start, but you'll go through anyway because you want to go through no matter what happens.

It will always be admirable to walk through the complete darkness with no light in your pocket and the only thing that accompanies you and hold your hand is courage to make to it to the end in a blink of an eye.

The thing is, when I think about courage, so many things pop into my head. So many things you need to do require a huge amount of courage , for some people even takes courage to go through the day and so on and so on.
Well, I think one of the hardest thing in life is living and dealing with not knowing what would happened if you tried, if you did something different, if you asked, if you came to him/her, to a person you really wanna talk to but never had enough courage to do so, and simply said "hi", if you wrote a message to that one person you know it'd be worth with...Oh my god.
You really wanted to go somewhere, to travel around th whole wide world, but you gave up because you didn't have any friends to go with and was too scared to do it alone. It pains me so much while writing it,tbh.

Statistically (just wanted to sound smart, but nah), great opportunities come more than once in your life, but never too often and you know that. Do you want to change something? Change your actions then.
I am gonna say it like I mean it - Fear is so so hard to overcome, but ask yourself if you will ever overcome the shit load of guilt after you realize what would have happen if you tried and didn't close your door in front of a good opportunity.

As so many people advise - You'll never know until you try. Even though it's gonna be a bad experience, at least it will be an experience.

The hardest part about changing is to kick yourself into the ass and make yourself get up and start. Once you'll get past this point, everything will be so much easier.

And lastly, don't be afraid of your fear. It is not here to really scare you (at some point). It is here to do something and after that realize, it was really worth it.

Sometimes it's really just about that.

Nina ∞ 

P.s: I hope that someday I will gain the courage to come back here.

Published by Nina S