Yep, here we go guys, another listicle. As if you don’t get enough of these on BuzzFeed and Thrillist. I know, but I thought you needed one more from a different perspective. The perspective of a Stage 7 Austinite.

When you have traveled and leaned that wearing the same pair of jeans six days in a row and that maybe you can walk instead of taking the car is “ok,” you have officially reached one of life’s elusive milestones. You finally realize that maybe it is not such a tragedy to not own the latest and greatest of everything. It may even be the case that owning less makes things easier. However, how and when you elect to reduce your reliance on certain commodities in your lifestyle is an extremely personal choice.

What you decide to eliminate will be different for everyone. I can only speak for myself, as someone who came home with two suitcases full of possessions, about what is and is not important to keep. However, I can tell you why the things I’ve eliminated have left me reconsidering what we place value on in western society.


Smaller waistline. Larger wallet. Enough said.
Besides we all love food, so why not give it the appreciation it deserves and learn to cook a couple dishes. The difference in the quality of taste will have you salivating just thinking about what you’re going to cook for dinner.


Ok, I am not promoting being a nudist here. You should be wearing clothes on a daily basis, it is just basic societal norms. However, that doesn’t mean that your outfit has to be the most elaborate, fashion-forward ensemble every day.

Don’t believe me? Lets take a classic case study: the French. They don’t need a large wardrobe and somehow they always manage to look happy and fabulous (I know, I live with one). So why do you?


Ladies and gentlemen, there is Netflix, there is Hulu, there is YouTube, there are libraries, but there are no excuses for you to be shelling over your hard earned cash for hard copies of media in this day and age. Honestly, no one actually cares if you have an original boxed set of Star Wars from 1980.

Plus, having everything online saves so much room that you’ll finally have the floor space to reenact that scene from Risky Business.


If you just slow down a notch or two during your day you will realize that you have more time than you ever imagined. You do not need an app to solve all your problems!

I can see some of you rolling your eyes and dismissing this claim, but I will stick to my guns here. Somehow I managed to hold down 3 part time jobs, learn a language, pick up photography, and still have a social life all while sneaking in some well-deserved downtime during the week to refresh myself. And I did this all with no “helpful” apps. Amazing right?

Not really. It just comes down to paying attention and spending time on things that matter to you in life rather than trying to be the cool kid who knows all the avant-garde technology.

I’m not saying that the choice to have any of these things is inherently wrong. Just be mindful. You life is only as busy as you make it. Don’t spend your money to give yourself “more time” or “better things.” Use the time that you have instead. Enjoy it. Savor it. Life is a journey and you don’t want to miss any of its steps even if they are ones that cause you to slow down and exercise patience.

Published by Jessi Devenyns