Before, I thought Maxwell was an overrated author because of his popularity. His book are all over NBS  (National Bookstores) and Fullybooked bookshelves (Philippines' counterpart of Barnes and Nobles) . However, the more Maxwell books I’ve read, I am slowly becoming his fan and addicted to his writings. Every time you’d read his book, you’d become a much better person. His work is easy to understand and would usually be straight to the point without running around the bush. He’s indeed an effective trainer because he makes things very simple, yet of great quality.

“When you are losing, Everything hurts.”

That is how he started this book and yes, it really hurts. This book will make you think deep about how you are evaluating your mistakes and losses. Will make you stare blankly somewhere and just think. You’ll question your problems right now and the opportunities that you have taken for granted and never really resolved.

“We never learn from winning.”

It hits me. Because there are times, when we just wanted to win – whatever it takes. Never did we see the good in failing and making mistakes. I also realized that in order to learn, the person have the right mindset in order to fully understand a lesson. That learning needs to have that intrinsic motivation and nothing from the outside can change your attitude.

Losing hurts – deep. But then, we have to get up, learn the lesson from that downfall and be courageous enough to try and try again until we finally get what we want.

The book that will hit you in the face and will make you feel thankful for all the struggles that you have overcome and the future dilemma that you will soon face. By that time, you have more maturity and valiance to look at your fears and failures in the eye and say, “Bring it on!”

“You can’t grow and learn if your focus is on finding someone else to blame instead of looking at your own shortcoming.”

“Collection of mistakes is called, experience.”

“Bad experience is bad only if we fail to learn from them.”

“These conflicts were caused by a lack of communication and not just merely misunderstanding someone’s words, but also misunderstanding a person’s intention and the background from which someone has formed an opinion.”

“We need to stop looking at the backdoor and face the difficulty with the determination to gain something from it. Do that and you can become a hero in your own life.”

“Most failures are people who have the habits of making excuses.”

Originally Published on: Books In My Baggage

Published by Trixie Ricablanca