Wasted Chemical's latest single release entitled 'Holy Light' packs incredible waves of feels that hits the spot, while blasting you off towards nostalgia lane while both title and content justifies the name.

Holy Light Lyric Excerpt

The magic of "Holy Light" is how it presents itself at the beginning of the song where the acoustic guitar plays and a moment of silence takes over-- before the actual instrumentals come into play.

I think the song has good musical qualities despite some of its technical faults. The vocal has a distinctive tone of voice, but may still need to improve his enunciation in order to fully bring out the full potential of their lyrics.
Overall, this is a great song.

The melody is strong and the vocals did put his real feelings into the lyrics. Instrumentally the song has a rich, full accompaniment that complements the vocal track perfectly where the performance is strong on both ends, both vocally and instrumentally.

Holy Light has a strong commercial potential.

could this be a sign of the bands soon to be trademark?
rating this song: 4/5 stars


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