Good news for fans who thought Spidey-related projects were a thing of the past!


Sony is moving forward with their plans for a Venom standalone movie that was in development back before the studio made their deal with Marvel to share the rights on Spider-Man.  it was announced in 2007 that Marvel Entertainment was going to make the movie with Gary Ross as director.  Ross left the project and director Josh Trank (2015's Fantastic Four) expressed interest in taking over.


Last year, Sony put several films in the Spider-Man franchise on hold, including a 3rd Amazing Spider-Man movie as well as a spin-off based on the Sinister Six.


It was originally planned as a spin-off that would be in the same continuity as Amazing Spider-Man, but now they say it will stand "apart and unrelated to" the reboot that's in the works with Tom Holland reprising his Captain America: Civil War Peter Parker role.


Dante Harper, the screenwriter for Edge of Tomorrow, is writing the script.  Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach will be producing the project.

Published by Jimm Morgan