There's a song out called "Everything to me" by Monica it says:


"I couldn't breath without you/ wouldn't know what to do if you were gone/ I wouldn't be able to breathe you're my everything/ you're the reason my sun shines/ you are the air that I breathe/ I need you to live/I need you to breathe"


As I sat in the car this morning listening to that song, I realized that as much as one day I would love to find my true love, I would never want to feel this vulnerable! Yes, I want to love someone, but I would never want them to have that much control over my life. For myself to feel that  without them I am dead and that they are the source of oxygen that I need to breathe.


No, if I were to ever fall in love again, I would know that it would not be a man who would be "my sun" and "my air", and that if he should up and leave my life,  I would still be okay because I would know where my true source of happiness comes from.


You can not expect another person to fulfill your every need; you must first love yourself. Be happy within, and have peace and forgiveness in your heart. You must be one with God and the universe; know your inner voice and be able to listen to it.


Once you have fulfilled a life on your own and know your own worth, whoever then comes into your life does not have the power of making your life "whole", but instead are enhancing it.


They are so many people out there who say "When I get the perfect job, I will do this", "when I lose fifty pounds my life will be good", "one day when I get that promotion" or more commonly, "On Monday, I will start".


Constantly keeping your life on hold and waiting for either someone or something better will not bring happiness. Wake up, your life is now, and it's passing you by!


Be happy where you are, and with what you have at this very moment. Be grateful, be fulfilled, and know that you already possess everything that is needed to achieve happiness. You are whole, you are your own everything, and God is your everything. Anything else that comes is gravy, that's all!


One person cannot be everything to you, one person cannot fulfill your every need, it's unrealistic. Going from relationship to relationship, you keep seeking someone to fill these needs. Whether it be a father figure, a mother who always disapproved, or never feeling loved. It becomes a constant quest to  keep seeking to fill that hurt and void in your life.


You need to acknowledge the problem and the patterns in your life. Then you need to fix them and learn that not only are you good enough but that you are whole, and loved. When you get to that place of being whole and at peace with you and your life, it is then finding someone special will only make it that much more sweeter.


So today my friends, don't look to others or things to make your life "whole", look inside and know that God made you perfect just the way you are, no extra ingredients needed.



"Be the change you want to see"
"And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over...he turned into a beautiful butterfly"

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