3 John 2 " Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth."

Two of the biggest needs we have as humans is the need for health and for wealth. We need health to live and we need wealth to live. But health and wealth also have a tendency to become idols in our lives.

It is natural to covet health and wealth. Everybody wants to live a healthy life, without disease and sickness. And everybody wants to have enough money to feed their them self and their families. But even if it is natural to covet these things it does not make it right. And when we as christians covet those two things we end up worshiping idols. Idol worship will always be a sin, no matter how long you have been a christian.

When Moses and the Israelites left Egypt they saw and experienced miracles beyond human imagination. There was no doubt in their minds the was a God, and there was no doubt in their minds that God loved them enough to fight for them and set them free from slavery in Egypt.

In Exodus 32 that same group of people grows impatient with God. Moses has gone up the mountain to talk with God, and the people are waiting at the foot of the mountain for him to come back. When time drags on and nothing happens, they choose to make a golden calf as an idol.

When we read this today its easy to judge them. After all, they had experienced huge miracles, so how could they fall for the temptation to make an idol just because Moses was a little late coming back down from the mountain. But we should not be to quick to judge because we are committing the same sin as them, and we do even without being aware of it.

What happened the last time you prayed for healing and nothing happened right away? What about the time you needed money, you prayed for money and nothing happened right away? Did you believe God to be your healer and provider?

You prayed, you believed but nothing happened. Nobody got healed,  the bills did not get payed and perhaps somebody even died. What was your reaction?

If you became worried, doubtful, angry at God, stressed out you did the exact same thing the israelites did at the foot of the mountain. Instead of making a golden calf you had already made your health and your wealth into golden calfs. And your reaction to Gods delay reveals your idol worship.

Let me explain this a little further.

If you are not into idol worship you will not be bothered by a lack of money or a lack of health. Your focus will be one thing, and one thing only and that is the cross of Christ where Jesus died for your sins. So no matter what happens to you, it will not affect you. Your joy will remain constant no matter what you dont have or have because you know Jesus died for you.

So you can be the poorest man or woman on this earth, but at the same time the happiest man or woman because you know Jesus died for you.

Of course you will still have need for healing, need for money to pay your bills. But your joy will not be connected to those things because they are no longer idols in your life.

But if you are into idol worship you will be greatly bothered by a lack of money or a lack of health. And when you pray for money, pray for healing and nothing happens, you will soon reveal your idol worship by becoming angry at God, worried, doubtfull and stressed out.

There is no difference between idol worship and the spoiled child that throws a temper tantrum because he doesnt get his will right away. The child worships his toys, so if he does not get the toy he wants right now he throws a temper tantrum and gets angry at his parents. But the child who is not into idol worship has his parents love and affection as the focus of his faith and not his toys. So he still have needs, he still have needs for toys, but he is happy with or without toys because he knows he is loved by his parents.

God is not against you having money or health. He knows you need to be healthy, and He knows you need money to take care of yourself and your family. He knows you need to be healthy to spread the gospel and money to pay for the work of the gospel. The gospel is free, but it costs money to spread it to the ends of the world.

But God does not want you to be a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum every time you do not get your way. So He has made one condition for blessing you with prosperity and health, and that is your souls health.

In 3. John 2 He says that the health of our soul determines how much He will prosper us and heal us. If our soul is healthy all our needs will be met and we will be wealthy and healthy.

So how do we get our souls healed?

Not by being spoiled idol worshipers that throws temper tantrums every time we do not get what we want. Our souls are healed when we choose, by our own free will, to believe Jesus died for us. Our souls are healed when we choose to say "I only need the cross of Christ, and I am happy with just the cross of Christ " (2.Chor 12:9)

When we reach the point where we understand how important the cross really is, that is when our souls are healed and that is when God is free to prosper us and heal us.

So make sure today that your soul is healthy, make sure that the only thing you covet today is Jesus Christ dying for you on a cross, for your sins.

Published by Apostle Ernie apostleernie@outlook.com