Half of me shine to spread the light

Whilst half of me shrink into the dark

Either way could be a home

If I knew, where you belong

Soul mate, they say

We’re like yin-yang

Neither of us exists in solitude

I complete you, and you complete me

Black or white, we accompany

We’re whole, yet half within

And the half in itself is split

It’s a long, wide and deep maze

But we’re still on the edge

We travel life, we play this game

But finding the mate is not the end

The riddle is just to begin

Together, we solve the maze

Soul mate, they say

Is beyond just a connection

It’s the supreme consciousness

When two meet, and merge to be one

We meet our higher self

We travel life, we play this game

To find the source, our home

Where exists no light, and exists no dark

And, that’s where we belong

To the “nothing”

Nothing; where ends the illusion of duality

Published by Asmita Nepal