2016 is finally over. Personally, it was a rather good year. A lot of exciting things happened. I met many interesting people, with whom I am good friends now. A lot of really weird things happened as well and no one really even knows about them. I have made many bad decicions, I have not learnt from my mistakes. Do I regret anything? Absolutely not, they are all lessons and I believe everything happens for a reason. But I think that it's time now to leave all of that behind and concentrate on the present.

2017 is going to be about self love, peace, letting go of negative emotions. I want to find more time for myself when I can do the things I enjoy. I want to leave negative people who have hurt me behind (I know it is not easy when you think they'll change, but in the end they end up hurting you even more). I want to spend more time in the nature. This summer I want to go hiking and once again do things I have never done before. I don't want to go out every weekend and spend my time on excessive partying. I want to educate myself as much as possible, the world is wide and there is so much to explore. I want to save up every month and travel. I want to write more, maybe learn a new language. 

I have noticed that since 2014 every year has gotten better. So maybe 2017 will finally be the year I am able to live my life to the fullest.

Published by Adeliina Pahapill