So….You wanna start a blog.

Blogging is awesome. You’re exposed to so many different new opportunities, you meet amazing people, and you learn the ins and outs of yourself. There’s some things you should know before you start…..

1. It’s time consuming. 

Blogging in general is really time consuming. You have to constantly seek inspiration and find content worthy of writing about. Depending on the type of blogging you’re going to be doing, your schedule will vary. If you’re thinking of doing beauty or fashion blogging, your schedule will consist of a lot of photoshoots, collaborations and seeking out the latest/up and coming trends.

2. You have to really want to do it. 

You certainly won’t get anywhere with blogging if it’s something you’re unsure of. If you’re going to invest the time, energy and money into blogging, you should really want to do it-wholeheartedly. You’ll definitely get out what you put in.

3. Do your research.

Figure out which platform is the best one for you. There are many options and many different site hosts. Ask around and see which one you want to go with. I personally recommend WordPress or Squarespace. Customer service is also really important. I’ve had times where I’ve come across some site problems, and I’ve had to rely on the 24/7 online support team, and it’s so helpful!

4. Invest in a good camera. 

Your pictures will be your branding. You want to have the highest quality images possible, which will draw people to your brand and blog. Nobody wants to squint at their computer and phone screens to try and figure out what your image is.

5. Find your niche. 

Everyone has one. It’s where your personality lies and it will set the tone for your brand. Figure out what you want your posts to capture, and figure out a list of values and morals you want to stick to. Sticking to your guns is really important in this industry.


This one sounds so weird. But something important to remember is to weed out your opportunities. At some point, many brands will want to collaborate with you, and it will be up to you to figure out which ones are worth taking.

For example, I’ve worked with a company that sells headbands, and for every headband they sell, they donate another one to a child with cancer. I love that!

Another company has recently asked me to promote their watches. I ended up turning them down, because they asked that I promote their company and offer a promo code. If 2 people bought their watches using my code, I would get a free watch. They were some pretty nice watches, don’t get me wrong. But one thing I will never do is promote a company or product that I have not personally tried out for myself. That’s false advertising….

7. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

A lot of opportunities will rise when you make them rise. Email other blogger and ask to collaborate. Ask photographers to do a photoshoot with you in exchange for free advertising on your blog and other social media platforms. Try reaching out to brands and see if they do collaborations. (Some won’t be set up to do this, but sometimes they offer you discounts.)


Blogging and being a social media influencer will be what you make of it. So you better make it great.

Published by Mattea LinAe