In times of an election, politicians seem to pop up everywhere.  Anytime there is an opportunity to be seen or heard, they will be there to ensure their voice is heard.  Sometimes we want to hear them, sometimes we don’t.  That makes no difference to them, they just want their message to be heard.

    As Christians we should act in a similar fashion.  Every time we have an opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we need to do it.  1 Timothy 4:2 says, “Tell everyone God’s message. Be ready at all times to do whatever is needed. Tell people what they need to do, tell them when they are doing wrong, and encourage them. Do this with great patience and careful teaching.” (ERV)  Notice it does not say to just shout in people’s faces.  Yes we need to share at every opportune situation, but we are to do it in a way that encourages, is patient and is done in a careful and thoughtful manner.

    So don’t be afraid to share the Good News, just try to ensure that it is done in a way that will encourage people to listen.

Published by Ray Richards