It’s finally here! The most exciting delivery of the whole pregnancy so far. The pushchair and car seat! It wasn’t due to be delivered until the end of August, but I got so impatient I called and had the date brought forward.

As you know a few months ago Joe and I attended The Baby Show in Birmingham and I blogged a bit about what pushchair we had chosen and why – of course it was the Uppababy Vista, but I hadn’t told you which car seat we’d chosen. I can now reveal we opted for the BeSafe iZi Go modular, I’ve decided I’m going to do a seperate blog as to why we went for this one over other car seats, more specifically over the Maxi Cosi – another VS review blog so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

So here it is, my special delivery! Believe me when I say it’s like Christmas has come early, I’m so stupidly excited it’s unreal! We chose the Vista in ‘Jake’ (black) to keep everything as neutral as possible, plus I think there’s something really classy and sleek about an all-black pushchair. It also meant we got the black chassis as opposed to silver which adds that extra ‘wow factor’. We can always brighten it up with blankets etc once baby is here. I had Joe on standby as I ooo’ed and ahh’ed while unpacking and unwrapping each box – I’ve read blogs and seen vlogs about how easy the Uppababy Vista is to put together so I wanted to see for myself just how true that was. *spoiler alert* 100% correct.

Upon opening the Uppababy Vista box, I was greeted with this gorgeous, smart, black carry case/cover which included the bassinet and seat. Underneath was the chassis and boxes containing the wheels and other accessories.

Now for the assembly. It obviously comes with a booklet all about contents, how to put your Vista together etc. I had already gotten carried away with pushing buttons and fiddling with the carry cot and seat, raising the hoods and foot rests and so on. I thought it best to turn to the booklet for instructions on how to set up the chassis and attaching the wheels – an almost insultingly easy process by the way… The click of one button and a pull on the handle to unfold the base itself, and wheels that literally click into place. No faffing or fiddling, no screws and bolts. It’s that simple.

First to go on was the seat. It slides easily onto the base and clips on, and is just as easily removed by pressing in the 2 silver clips on either side of the seat itself. It can be adjusted to sit up and recline fully and the hood can be up or down, it also has a sun screen that is pulled from under the hood for those sunny kinda days. Obviously baby won’t be in this for a good few months, but it’s nice to see it all put together!

What got me really excited was putting the carry cot onto the frame. I can’t begin to tell you how snuggly it looks! If they made an adult sized version I would be the first in the queue, believe me! Again, it slots onto the clips super easily, and to remove it you simply press the button on the top of the carry cot handle and lift. It also has a sun screen, same as the seat and the hood can be put up or down. Both the carry cot and seat can be rear or forward facing, though I’m not sure why you would forward face the bassinet..? I can’t wait to fill it with squishy cute baby and go for lovely country strolls.

As for the extras… The Uppababy Vista comes with 2 rain covers and 2 bug nets (one for the seat and one for the carry cot) as well as coming with the car seat adapters. The booklet shows it should also come with a carry cot bag but it doesn’t appear to be included, I’ll double check it’s not in the box but I can feel a phone call to Groovystyle coming on. Because we ordered everything together at The Baby Show we managed to get a bit of a deal and were able to choose a freebie. We opted for the Vista Cozy Ganoosh (RRP £90.00) – a lovely cosy foot muff for the seat. As we’re having an Autumn baby it made sense to get something that would hopefully see us into the winter and spring of 2017 when baba is a bit bigger and no longer needing to be in the carry cot.

I just want to touch on a few extra details about the Uppababy Vista which ultimately made the decision for us when choosing which pushchair to get.

•The basket is absolutely massive! Ideal for me as I’m well know for always carrying way more than needed – what can I say, I like to be prepared. There’s also 2 little pockets at the back to give you easy access to your purse/drink/mobile which is really handy.

•The handle on the pushchair can be adjusted in height, brilliant for us as we’re both over 6ft!

•It can be turned into a double, so if we decided to have another child shortly after this one, we won’t have to fork out on another pushchair.

•It has a flip flop friendly brake. A little feature that played a big part in the decision making process. I can’t think of anything worse than being out on a wet Autumn day and having to click the brake from underneath with my suede boots… Sorrynotsorry.

I can honestly say there is nothing I don’t like about the Uppababy Vista, it ticks every box and then some! Now I just have to wait 9 weeks to use it. Hurry up October!

I’d love to see your Uppbaby Vista pictures and hear your thoughts.

Published by Elise Kate