On this special edition of the Write Stuff, I will be chatting with three members of the writing community who are also either active duty members of the Armed Forces or retired. This episode is a tribute to the men and women who risk their lives in order for us to sit comfortably at our computers and play our online games or complain about the government without fear of reprisal.

As soldiers, our panel has also been able to use their experiences in the category of writing. Our panel today to consists of:

Travis Perry, author and publisher of Bear Publications, active service; Jeff Wilson, author of War Torn; completed two tours in Iraq; Tim Moynihan, author of No Greater Love, an Afghan memoir.

Join as we talk God, war, faith, writing, and duty at 2 pm Eastern time. You can call in at our new number 929-4771965 and press 1 to be live on air. Or, click on the link here: http://tobtr.com/s/11066651.


Published by Parker J Cole