Earlier this week it was a very special occasion for many people worldwide - Eid al-Adha. Traditionally, in celebration of this holiday a whole lamb is bought and shared with relatives and those in need. And thanks to London being a multicultural capital of the world, Zahro was able to follow the tradition and bought a whole lamb from his trusted butcher in Finsbury Park.

This dish needs a long time to cook, so it's best to do it on a day off. But this year Eid fell on a Monday, and although the holiday lasts for four days, it wasn't possible to wait for the weekend. So Zahro chose to cook the celebratory meal on Tuesday, after work, and even with less time on his hands he still made it a sensation!

Zahro and I are both serious meat lovers, so you can trust me when I say - this dish is the ultimate feast! And as most perfect things, it is also fairly simple to make, it only needs time and patience.

Here is the full recipe for this super family meal.

Published by Cooking with the Chef