Throughout my running races and training experiences, I have had the pleasure to travel all over and see so many beautiful sights, travelling all over the UK but also to countries such as Portugal, Denmark and Holland! I live in the most beautiful area in Lincolnshire surrounded by fields and quiet back roads. I love escaping into these places jogging, running and enjoying the most beautiful scenes.

I love so much of my training because of the view and site I see. I get to train on different terrain, in different weather and climates. Some of the sights I see are not always landscape but of myself maybe running watching my own legs and trainers while thinking and focusing on style and sometimes, I don’t run but train in the gym looking at completing different sights which are of weights, water or of mats and gym rooms! I sometimes take time out from running and pop i the gym and I love walking too!!

Some sights are truly breathing taking like some of my Portugal pictures from the Algarve they are bloody amazing! The clear sparkling water,  the rocky, sandy cliffs, you can’t not take a picture. I sometimes take my phone and camera to catch some shots, i love taking lots of pictures too so here are some for you to see some below..

I would love to see your pictures too, comment your favourite pictures for me to see!

Happy Sight Seeing!
Much Love J

Published by Jaydyne Overton