family is everything am i right..

sisters are special if you are an only child i do feel sorry for you, you really have missed out. siblings can be the best of friends then enemies in the space of 3 seconds its amazingly hilarious, i love it. my sister is called Kirya and she has to be the most caring and supportive friend i have and the devil at the same time, we argue most days and get at each other but guaranteed by the end of the day we are laughing and cuddling once again. i know so may siblings are the same it is just the norm, living with people can be difficult especially if they are similar age.

my sister is now 17, she has been the funniest thing to grow up with she really does make me laugh all the time. i will try and do a sister tag youtube video soon so you can all meet her. if you have met her you know exactly what I’m talking about when i say one minute everything is amazing to the next minute when the world is ending, she is a gemini through and through. just make sure you cherish all the time you have with your siblings as time really does go so fast, and they are the ones that are there through thick and thin.

growing up my sister would copy me with a lot of things, such as my baby borns clothes or fairy topia dolls, she would want to do shows and sing with me, and i loved that, now I’m copying her!, with the make up and hair styles and she hates it.. I’m like just help, i don’t know what contour is?! I just think, help each other grow, whether you have a sister or a brother or both, all stick together help each other, your a team!

Kirya has grown up being very ill all the time as a child and now she has a very serious nut allergy its actually air born so we have to be extra careful, she doesn’t let it stop her from doing things, and socialising and i admire her for this as it can be very tough. she had her first driving lesson this week! i was so nervous for her, yet so very excited she is growing up so fast, faster than i when it comes to driving! make sure you tell your siblings when your proud of them, let them know, they really will love it, it means a lot to hear them say they are proud or support what your doing, means more than you think.

Kirya has no idea what she wants to do career wise, and i think this is fine, so many people are pushing young adults these days into the future, and its scary! she is only 17, loads of time ahead, to drive, to study, to travel even, and Kirya if your reading this bare in mind, don’t get stressed about it life, it will come, and you will find your path, so don’t you worry about a thing, cause every little ting is gonna be alright! Always help your siblings, guide them, ask questions share ideas, as I’ve said your a team, two heads are better than one!

I do have to thank my sister and give her a shoutout to say thank you for all the make up lessons and makeovers she has done on me, you have actually worked miracles, i also have to shoutout and say please remove your false eyelashes from the bathroom as i keep thinking there are spiders everywhere! i also want to say thank you for the massive support, hugging me when I’m crying or ranting when i need some one to agree with me and then listening to me babble on haha, whether its to do with running, my condition, or my career it means so much. Guys remember to listen to each other, comfort and help each other your true friends till the very end.

we have so many memories together, from running around on the landing! (PJ) to knicking each others sweets, “i will give you a bag of sweets if” bribes, from sharing baby annabelle and baby borns clothes, to playing fairies,trampolining and the secret garden, to showing me how to run, do gymnastics and then to apply foundation, playing with our first pets, swimming with dolphins, sharing clothes, sleepovers, HSM movie times, watching Winnie the Pooh and tots TV, mixing nannies wines in the bar, getting my first pandora ring, and eating sugar out the tin with a spoon, from stealing each others knickers, laughing till our tummies hurt and getting told of, to screaming at each other, to making shows to show mum and dad.. I can’t thank her enough for all the amazing memories growing up and more to come.. i feel lucky to have such a special sister like her and i hope she knows how much she means to me and know I’m always here. cherish every memory you make and do more and more things with your specials siblings and family, life is too short, remember that.

Kirya, thanks for being a best friend from the very start.. love you long time

cherish family,
much love J

Published by Jaydyne Overton