Day to day

minute to minute

my life means nothing when you’re not in it.
Month to month

Hour to hour

Even now I’m amazed by your power.

Thought to thought

dream to dream

In your name Jesus I am free.

From slave to saved

hopeless to redeemed

There’s an I in Christ but it’s Christ that’s in me

I can be an arrogant fool, when I try to go on without you, yet you never leave me, and to your promise you’re true. You saved me from the abyss of the sin in my life, when it comes to you Jesus, you can spell love with six letters C-H-R-I-S-T

You keep me going forward, when I seem to fall behind, there are many things I love about you lord, I love the fact you’re kind, I love how you stand by me, when I’m kneeling in my fear, no matter how far I wonder lord, you will always keep me near, you stand by my side in the darkest of times, you gave you son’s life so that I can live mine, love so gracious, love so divine, you are my sight when my sin makes me blind.

I’m a sinful broken man, that the world can see, you died for all in this world lord, but why would you die for me? I don’t deserve the grace you show, I’m humbled by your death, but there’s a truth I’ve come to know, it’s me you’ve never left. Your earthly body was pieced, tattered and crucified, but this was an act of furious love, for our sin you had died. Yet you choose to stick by us, even when we try to run, you’re a trinity of everlasting love, Father, spirit, son. There’s no one in this world that can compare lord, for us you paid the price, this is why I spell love with six letters C-H-R-I-S-T

Published by Luke Harmer